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1 to 5 Years, Available, Other

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  • Owner Placement
  • Adoption Fee $175

About Squeaky

Born ~3/2022, M, Black Bombay DSH Mix
Adoption Fee: $175

Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue is helping facilitate the adoption of this cat through our Owner Placement Program.  We take no responsibility for the health and medical records of this cat.  It is the responsibility of the owner and adopter to discuss this.

Squeaky is NOT in a Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue foster home, but residing with my current owner in Sacramento. Adoption fee applies. Find out more about Owner Placement Cats.

My mom got me when I was eight weeks old in April of 2022. I’m a year and 8 months old now. I slept in her bed until I was old enough to be independent. She searched for me because one of her other kitties was loving and did not have anyone to love. His sister was mean, hissed, and did not like anyone so he had no one to play with. I got my name Squeaky because I didn’t meow but squeaked very low. I now have a more grown up very low toned meow.

I guess I need to be the only kitty in a home unless there is another rambunctious, rough and tumble kinda kitty that would like a playmate. My mom got me neutered on February 14th hoping that I would calm down but didn’t. I used to start biting and play fighting when my brother kitty licked me. I don’t do that as much now though, only sometimes. I tried playing with the new brother kitty, and he made sounds saying me to “stay back!”. Mom said I am too rough and rambunctious with the other kitties and they don’t like it. So now I am kept separate with no one to play with.

I like to be petted, and I don’t scratch or bite when mom or dad picks me up. I sleep at the foot of my mom’s bed every night or on her couch in her room. I usually run if approached too quickly. I am an indoor only kitty. I have a catio at our house in Sacramento, so I can go outside any time I want day or night and stay safe. I’m still young and like to play with my toys, am very active at times and sometimes I like to hide. I eat mostly canned food with a little dry, and I’m very good about using the litter box.

I am so happy playing with toys especially those on a wand flying through the air! That’s my favorite! I can last a long time playing with them. I let mom pick me up to tell me she loves me, and I give her loves back, but mostly for only about 30 seconds then I’m off and ready for the rest of the day’s adventures finding toys or checking out the Catio. I’d really like to have a cat buddy or cat friendly dog, that would love to play as much and hard as I do, without getting so upset. I know can’t stay here being separated from the other kitties, and I do get lonely at times. I’m wishing there is someone able to stay home with me that maybe works from home so I won’t be lonely. I hope they might have a catio/patio that lets me go safely back and forth indoors to outdoors throughout the day. I promise I will check back inside for those quick loves, yummy food,long playtimes and sleeping on your bed with you!

My foster mom says I am neutered, dewormed, microchipped, eats wet and dry food, and is litterbox perfect. They say that’s good!

I currently live with my owner in Sacramento.

Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue is dedicated to matching exceptional cats (like me) with qualified adopters who will cherish me and create an ideal forever home.

If you believe you’re my perfect adopter please explain why in the comments section of my Adoption Application, and contact Pam at cheemers@gmail.com or 541-290-8408. If you are unable to reach Pam please email info@purebredsplus.org.

NOTE: We prefer families with children bring them to the adoption appointment. Why? This allows interaction between the children and the cat. This helps ensure they will be a good fit for each other. A mismatch between a child and a cat is not in anyone’s best interests!