Meet Hidden Star Squeaks
Meet Hidden Star Squeaks
Meet Hidden Star Squeaks
Meet Hidden Star Squeaks
Meet Hidden Star Squeaks

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2018 Hidden Stars, Special Tails

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About Meet Hidden Star Squeaks

Good Afternoon. My name is Squeaks.

I am curious, smart, vocal, and affectionate. I patrol my foster Moms house every day for any changes – I just have to know if something is different! If you call to me, I will come running! I love lying beside my foster Mom on the couch. I really am a special boy and have a great personality, even if I do say so myself. To be honest though, my life wasn’t always like this.

It’s only because of PPCR that I am even still here. My owners were evicted, it was a crazy situation and hard for me to really understand, but then I wasn’t feeling real good then either. I came in to PPCR in late 2015 with my brother. I’ve been here with my foster Mom for about 3 years! My brother was adopted quickly, but me, well I had some issues. I was very thin and didn’t want to eat. I ended up at the Emergency Vet and was treated for Pancreatitis. Then I had to go to a special vet and was poked and prodded beyond belief. However, they finally made a conclusive diagnosis. I had small cell lymphoma, a form of cancer.

Now you would think with that kind of problem, a rescue would not want to take in someone like me. Well, you are wrong! My PPCR foster mom offered me a loving happy home with her other kitties as a hospice kitty. PPCR was there for me and did not give up on me.

I have fantastic news too! With the care of excellent veterinarians, and all the PPCR support and love, I have had ongoing treatments since 9/8/15. I have been on numerous medications, including chemo medication, and I have to say that as of now, today, I am thriving and in amazingly good health! I am still closely monitored by periodic exams, ultrasounds and medication evaluations, all at PPCR expense.

So you see, miracles can happen when you have a group, a village if you will, that rallies around you and doesn’t give up. I am happy, loved, and have a wonderful foster Mom. I could not ask for anything more!

Well, I could actually ask for none of this to happen, but as it is, I now believe in miracles.

Loved Well in My Foster Home,

Squeaks The Siamese

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Squeaks was in a precarious position with no home and not being well with some undiagnosed illness, and his owners were in no position to take him to the vet. When he came into our care he was not doing well at all. Squeaks is one of those cats that will remain in PPCR care. We will continue to provide him with love and the needed medical support.

PPRC is blessed in many ways. Fosters are the backbone of any rescue group. We have some very special fosters who are willing to care for these cats. They open their homes and hearts to kittens and cats, no matter where they come from or what their situations might be. However it takes much more than that for us to be able to do what we do! Our group has many more volunteers behind the scenes. We have people transporting cats, writing articles for the Blog, managing database entries, evaluating applications, checking references, updating and maintaining our website and that is only a partial list! And we also have each and every one of you, our supporters, who make it possible for us to do this, and so much more.

So what am I really saying? Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue, with all of our volunteers and all of our dedicated supporters, make up a phenomenal village! It is this that allows us to willingly help these “Hidden Stars.”

Warmest Regards,
Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue

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