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2018, Adopted

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About Sparkle

Born ~4/12/18, F, Solid White DSH

This adorable, spunky, solid white kitten was dropped off at a shelter all by herself. Her foster mom, who loves white kittens, quickly agreed to take her and named her Sparkle because everything about her sparkles, from her snowy white coat to her green eyes to her joyful personality.

Sparkle adapted easily to life in her foster home. She is loving, playful, and enjoys the company of people and other kittens alike. She would love to go to home where she can sleep on a human’s bed!

Because Sparkle was obviously thriving in the mix of other kittens and human family members, it took a while for Sparkle’s foster mom to realize that she is deaf. Then one day, three weeks after Sparkle arrived in rescue, her foster mom turned on the vacuum cleaner quite close to her, and Sparkle didn’t budge while all her kitten friends scurried for cover. In retrospect, her foster mom put together other clues: Sparkle wouldn’t come running when her foster mom called all the kittens in for a meal, and she never startled when someone approached and picked her up from behind.

It is not uncommon for a pure white kitten to be deaf. The gene that makes a cat pure white (as distinct from the gene that makes a cat partially white—it’s complicated) is associated with deafness, not always but in a proportion of cases that makes the correlation clearly not a coincidence. Deafness is more common when the cat has blue eyes, and Sparkle’s eyes are green, which is probably why the possibility didn’t occur to her foster mom sooner.

Fortunately, deafness in a cat, especially in a cat like Sparkle who is deaf from birth, is not much of an impediment, but Sparkle does need her adoptive family to take some special precautions. Obviously, she would be in danger if she ever went outside, because she wouldn’t be able to hear the sound of cars or other animals; her new family must take care for no one ever to let her out! And given her trusting personality, for an active child to sneak up or play pranks on her would be downright cruel. A home with another gentle kitten or cat would be fine, but not a home where some other animal would bully her or take advantage of her deafness.

Sparkle is likely to grow up to be small and dainty and will do best in a home where she is treated as the happy little princess she seems to want to be.

She is fully vetted, vaccinated, litterbox perfect.

Sparkle is fostered in Davis, CA.

For more information, please contact my foster mom, Laurel, at (530)304-2836 or email: You can also complete and email an Adoption Application.

NOTE: We prefer families with children bring them to the adoption appointment. Why? This allows interaction between the children and the cat. This helps ensure they will be a good fit for each other. A mismatch between a child and a cat is not in anyone’s best interest!