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My name is Toby and I found myself in a shelter, because my owner died…heavy sigh…and there was no no-one to take care of me.  I was very lucky when the shelter called PPCR.  Why? Well, see I have this eye issue and the shelter wasn’t able to take care of it. I’m only 4 years old, and overall, I’m in pretty good shape.  I had a few matts but that’s not a big deal.  I am a handsome, golden eyed, Exotic shorthair, with a soft plush grey and cream coat cat.

They took me to a vet for my eye and then I went off to yet another appointment with an eye specialist. I have a condition called Entropion in my right eye. It has to do with abnormal rolling of the lower eyelid, that causes friction on the eye. I have a little bit of Cornea scarring but I can see just fine. The best part about it?  It is treatable and I am young which makes it easier to treat! They are going to perform surgery so that the eyelid tissue will no longer roll over the eye and the success rate is really high!  If I don’t get it done it will continue to be an issue and will get worse and worse.


I’m scheduled for surgery on January 23rd and need your help to raise the cost of surgery! The entire process, and post-surgery medication, and follow-up, is ~$2800.  Can you help me be the best cat I can be?! Once the eye is fixed up, I can start looking for my forever home, and I’m looking forward to finding a new owner who will love and cherish me in every way.


Despite all the changes in my life, I am a very sweet and loving boy, though I do miss my owner and my home.  All these changes are a lot to take in though. I really want to be with a person and to be involved in everything they are doing.  I want to be someone’s personal assistant.

You terrific folks are always there for us and the cats and kittens we rescue.  You can make the difference for Toby. Please donate now!