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Sola is a sweet 9-month-old Bengal Mix. She is affectionate and just wants a chance to have a real home. The shelter contacted us about this little girl due to their findings after she was spayed. 

She has Pectus Excavatum. This is a malformation of the sternum and connecting tissues attaching the ribs to the sternum, which results in a narrowing, irregularly flat or misshapen chest area. There seems to be a genetic predisposition in some cat breeds and it has been determined it is a congenital deformity. In some instances, it can be seen early and in others, as the kitten grows the condition becomes much more noticeable and problematic for them. Sola falls into this category. The condition results in a reduction of space for the heart and lungs to grow in and then causes cardiac and respiratory disease. 

The surgery is complicated and involves reshaping her ribs and expanding the chest wall.  To accomplish this an external splint is attached using sutures to stabilize the chest for approximately 3-4 weeks.  Sola’s surgeons feel this will improve her quality of life today and make for a long and happy life! We are in total agreement.


There is still a rough road ahead for her to get healthy. You can make a huge impact on this little girl’s life!  Sola is scheduled for surgery the week of October 24th.  The cost of the surgery is ~$2500. Let’s give this girl the chance she deserves!  Sola can then find the home of her dreams…with someone that will love her forever. You can make a difference for this adorable girl!  Please donate to help her now!


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