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About Rue

Rue is a beautiful 11 year old Chocolate Point Siamese, that came into rescue from a local shelter on March 4, 2021 with her buddy, Ricky a handsome black boy who is 9 years old.  Ricky is doing great and has a clean bill of health and is thrilled to be out of the shelter. Rue, while she is very happy and loving, has health issues that we need to handle before we can find her a loving forever home.

During Rue’s intake the veterinary check-up found that one of Rue’s kidneys was ½ the size of the other kidney and that she also had pancreatitis, kidney disease and diabetes!  She also has some muscle loss on her spine and back legs.  She is already on medications, insulin and fluids daily to treat these conditions and is with her foster parents.  However, Rue needs to be hospitalized for ~5 days so the vet can adjust and ensure we have her stabilized.

This hospitalization will provide 24 hour fluids. Daily AM and PM insulin injections and blood sugar levels tested mid-day and additional insulin as needed. She will be closely monitored by the vet and the staff.  This will include regular labs drawn to check improvement, and to make the needed adjustments in her treatment plan to keep he stable.

While Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue does get a client discount at Rue’s Vet, her the bills are adding up.  We are estimating that with her hospital stay, ongoing checkups, medicines and blood tests, her cost of treatment will be $3000. Her overall prognosis is good.  Once stabilized and on a regime, it will need to be maintained and checked a couple times of year to make any needed adjustments.

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What Can You Do?

Even though Rue doesn’t feel good right now, she is a sweet lovable girl, wanting to be close to her foster mom and dad. She and her buddy, Ricky, deserve the change to have a forever home that will love and care for them….forever.  Ensuring Rue is stabilized and can be easily cared for is critical!

You have always been there for these special kittens in need, lending a helping hand and the support needed to save them. Your compassion and donations always make the difference. Please help us give this little girl the life she deserves, and we thank you from the bottom of our heart for always being there when we need you.

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