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We like to say ” Every rescue is a story”.  In all our years of fostering this is a story unlike any we have ever heard.

This is the year of the terrible fires burning in so many places including in the redwoods. When a nice woman came back from the mandatory 12 day evacuation while she hosed off the ash off her driveway  she saw this bedraggled kitty come to lick the wet asphalt. This kitty was in such terrible shape that this cat loving woman woman thought she was dying.  I saw this cat posted looking for the owner on the Next Door Neighborhood site which mentioned she had been taken to the shelter. The overwhelmed shelter knew us and was only too happy to release her into Purebreds’ care.

Poor Phoebe, as we named her, was filthy and horribly matted. Our opinion is that she was already in very bad shape before her owners took their treasures and papers and evacuated the house. She was not their treasure. Not surprisingly no one came forward to claim her. Phoebe had maggots in her skin front and back and after getting fluids she was partly shaved and medicated. How strange for her that suddenly there was no one around, no one leaving water or giving food, everyone was gone. Phoebe is a chubby little thing so someone had been feeding her. She is a friendly and  appealing little round Seal Point Ragdoll.

Her hind legs are quite weak and her mobility is not normal though she gets around just fine.  Yes she is on weight loss food. I kind of wonder if she wasn’t caged and then set outside when someone left. Perhaps they felt they couldn’t take her with them or didn’t want to take her and risk having to explain her condition. We took her to a vet and surprisingly she was found to be only 7-8 yrs old and  she had a good blood panel and a good heart etc. She has a deformed ear, a “hematoma”, which is a thickening and that occurs when ear mites are left untreated and wreak havoc. It is super painful when it is happening. Now that  it is scarred over,  it is not painful and no meds are required, it just gives her a unique and somewhat comical look. We, however, believe that no loving owner would allow this to happen.  Phoebe badly needs dental surgery and that is the biggest expense we expect to have with her. For her vet exams, dental surgery and supportive care we estimate it will cost us ~$1350.

Phoebe is a little  survivor.  For twelve hot, smoke filled days she made it thru starvation and dehydration. She survived the risk of fire around her, and the absence of all people, and a terrible vulnerability to predators. We need to celebrate her survival and set her up so the second half of her life is full of the comfort and love she deserves. Maybe, just maybe this horrible fire was a silver lining for Pheobe giving her a chance to have a new loving start. In this difficult year we need to look for the silver linings in everything that happens. Phoebe will be someone’s darling, chubby little girl. I know someone will come and say “I am a survivor too and I want to give her my heart and share my home with her.”  She is a grateful cat, so affectionate  she pushes her head hard into your hand.

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What Can You Do?

Phoebe is a little kitty who has been through hell and come out purring!

We, the lucky ones, are so grateful to have our lives and our treasured kitties safe with us and our precious homes still there to come back to. This is a tough year for Purebreds Plus with shelters closed and evicted folks now abandoning their cats everywhere. More cats than ever need our help and fewer humans than ever have offered funds to help us do our jobs for them. Can you help us?  Any amount is welcome.  We can’t do this work without you.

You have always been there for these special kittens in need, lending a helping hand and the support needed to save them. Your compassion and donations always make the difference. Please help us give this little girl the life she deserves, and thank you from the bottom of our heart for always being there when we need you.

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