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“I don’t remember anything before a couple of days ago! All I do remember is that I woke up one cold morning in a dumpster and my back paws were excruciatingly painful. I was crying out for help but no one came to me.  I kept crying and whimpering and wondering.  How did I get here? Did I have a family? And what happened to my back feet? I don’t know how long I was there but it felt like forever. And I had to wonder too, would anyone ever find me?

Finally someone heard me and gently pulled me from the dumpster. They brought me to a special Emergency and Specialty Care vet place right away. I was in so much pain, and I heard them say it was Christmas Eve. I don’t know what that means to them but to me it means the day I got the help I badly needed.

They found I had several broken bones in my feet and toes and most of the skin was torn from my toes! They cleaned them as best they could and wrapped them. They also treated me with various medicines to ease the pain and ensure infection did not set in.

The staff had no idea what happened to me and at this point it didn’t matter! I was so desperate for cuddles and relief from the pain that what happened really isn’t important. What is important is that there are humans who care and that’s all that matters. There was one from a rescue group that agreed to take care of me so I would have a fighting chance to survive! When I heard that I was so relieved. Maybe I had a chance after all!

A couple of days later, December 27th by their reckoning, they took me into surgery to do what they could to save my back feet. I was so scared. “What if they could not save them?” I heard them talking about how difficult the surgery was going to be, because they wanted to try and save my feet! I was pretty out of it for a day or so but the nice nurse talked to me and told me they were able to save 2 toes on one foot and one toe on the other. The main foot pads are intact and the prognosis for me is looking so much better! Of course, I am still on pain meds and it will still be a while but now there is hope!

I still have a ton of bandage changes and supportive care before I am completely out of the woods though. I never would have made it this far if not for all the wonderful people that have been there for me. Especially my special nurse, soon to be my foster Mom.”

We, at Purebreds Plus, have taken Krampus under our wing. This is our 2019 Holiday Miracle kitten of only 10 weeks old. He is loving, hopeful and very determined to make it through. Miracles happen in our own lives daily, if we would only look for them. Miracles happen when you take responsibility and don’t just depend on hope to see you through. We try to provide those miracles for the little ones we nurture.

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What Can You Do?

A person heard Krampus cry out and took the time to bring him where he could be helped. One of our fosters works there and called PPCR immediately. We took this special little boy in and made sure he got the care he so urgently needed. His prognosis is much better now but he’s not out of the woods yet.  We now need to ask for your help. All his care to date has cost ~ $4800. Can you find it in your heart to help us make this Christmas Miracle come true for little Krampus?

You have always been there for these special kittens in need, lending a helping hand and the support needed to save them. Your compassion and donations always make the difference. Please help us give this little boy the life he deserves, and thank you from the bottom of our heart for always being there when we need you.

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