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About Breyers The Manx

Hi there! My name is Breyer and boy do I have a story to tell.

First, I’m an adorable little blue patched tabby Manx kitten. I have really long white tufts in my ears and I’m a rumpie (giggle)! That means I have no tail, but I think tails are over rated anyway! I’m a lover and very curious about everything and can hold my own with the other kittens. Lately though, I have not been feeling that great.

I came into rescue at only 4 weeks, one of many from a dairy farm. All of us were covered in fleas and dirt… ugh! There were a variety of different issues to take care of but we all grew to be beautiful kittens!

They were getting me ready to be posted to find my forever home, but I was having some pain and a lot of discomfort when trying to go to the bathroom. Manx do occasionally have these issues. My foster mom checked me and discovered I had a rectum prolapse.

What the heck is that? Well, I heard my foster Mom say it’s where a cat’s rectal tissue protrudes out of the anal opening. The rectum is the end piece of the large intestine, and when tubular tissue comes out the anus it means the rectum has partially exited the body. Swelling and pain are common with this condition. The Manx breed can occasionally have these issues! Well that’s just great… I’m a Manx and I can tell you it’s painful!

They took me to this place that takes care of sick kitties. On the first visit they took pictures of me to figure out what caused this problem with my butt. They talked about vertebra being too high, then they said I had this thing called Megacolon. That means the colon muscle doesn’t work like it should so I have trouble pooping! After that I was back and forth to this place a bunch of times, sometimes staying overnight, for all sorts of things. They tried medicines, fluids, special food, they even put purse strings in my butt! I know I can be a girly girl but seriously, in my butt? I guess it’s the simplest way to get my rectal tissue to stay where it should, but really!

I hate to say it but nothing’s working that well. They continue to try different things but haven’t figured it out yet. I’m going to keep on fighting… I’m not giving up and neither is my foster mom! And you’re there for me too… right

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What Can You Do?

We need to raise $4,400 to cover this girl’s current costs and future surgery. She’s such a sweet-natured, joyful, and loving little girl that we are asking you to help us save this cute-as-a-button kitten. All Breyers wants is a normal life with a loving home.

You have always been there for these special kittens in need, lending a helping hand and the support needed to save them. Your compassion and donations always make the difference. Please help us give this little girl the life she deserves, and thank you from the bottom of our heart for always being there when we need you.

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