The Saga Continues…
The Saga Continues…
The Saga Continues…
The Saga Continues…
The Saga Continues…
The Saga Continues…

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Buttercup & Gwendolyn

Remember those two little kitten from October?

  • Buttercup came in with a horrible upper respiratory illness at 4 weeks old. Today he still is sick and continues struggling to get her health back!

  • Gwendolyn was healthy on intake and doesn’t look that sick. But she
    developed an upper respiratory illness at 6 months and continues to sound

They needed a CT scan to help determine what was going on.  YOU provided aid so we could move forward!

  • The good news is the CT scan results are back for Buttercup and Gwendolyn. The results showed several things that need a closer look and tissue samples to make a more conclusive diagnosis.
  • This means we still need to take another diagnostic step before we can know how to treat them.

PPCR is all about doing the right thing for each cat brought to our rescue.  Every cat and kitten deserves our best effort for a healthy life and a forever home. Buttercup and Gwendolyn are no exception. They were lucky to find their way to us. Most rescues would through up their hands at this point. We rescued them, we are responsible for them. With YOUR support we will get them through this.  We need YOUR help to continue this crazy journey.

Buttercup is scheduled for a Rhinoscopy on December 22nd with a biopsy. Gwendolyn is scheduled for a Rhinoscopy in January with a biopsy.  Buttercup’s symptoms are more severe so we are moving forward so we can  determine a diagnosis and be able to begin treatment as quickly as possible. 

Please help us bring a miracle of hope to these two very special kittens.  Let’s get them healthy and happy and into a forever-loving home! 


YOU can make this possible! Yes, YOU! Please help their Holiday dreams come true! You can provide the gift of hope by donating now! The cost for both procedures for both cats is $2,800 (~$1400 for each.)


YOU make the difference every single day to cats and kittens that need YOU. We are forever grateful for every one of YOU!