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2018, Adopted

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About Sophie

Adopted by Deedee

Born ~2008, F, Seal Point Ragdoll

Meet Sophie, a youthful 10 year old Seal Point Ragdoll, and our next candidate for you to fall in love with.

Sophie has many unique features guaranteed to draw your attention her way. From her quirky but cute bushy eyebrows that frame her equally cute cross-eyed turquoise eyes that make you smile each time she looks your way. Then there is her truly adorable white mustache, bib, and boots. Ending with her gorgeous long locks of pure dark chocolate fur and fluffy tail, and a contrasting milk chocolate ruff.

Sophie’s story is an all too common one. As happens a lot of the time, we have no clue what our foster kitties’ lives were like before they come to us or what made their owners give them up and that sadly is the case with Sophie. All I know is that it looks like she was with one family only before being surrendered to the Solano County Shelter. And the reason given for surrendering her was due to increased allergies of the wife. Sophie came to me with a 7 year old Himalayan kitty house mate but neither one was bonded to the other and the Himi has since been adopted. It does look like Sophie had had another cat in her life who she was bonded with but I have no clue what happened to him. Which means that Sophie came to me grieving the loss of a loved one. I can only guess how she was treated in her previous life, clues based on her behavior suggest it might not have always been happy, but you can also see she is willing to forgive and move on from that. She also has so much love in her heart that she wants to shower her new family with and is so ready to be spoiled with love in return.

Sophie’s likes include an addiction to Temptation treats, being fed cooked chicken breast pieces (so much the better if you hand feed her a few pieces), eating said poultry flavored wet food with her family, as much brushing as she can get, cozy blankets to nap in, and catnip toys. Sophie’s dislikes include having her nails trimmed, going for car rides, having to reside with other four legged pets whether cats or dogs(she wants to be the only queen in the house), which also means not wanting babies or children in her life, or a chaotic and busy lifestyle- especially one where she’s left alone for the majority of the time.

Sophie is looking for an experienced cat staff that will know how to complete the process of her blossoming fully into the loving confident kitty she’s always been meant to be. Someone that know the signs of a kitty that has reached her limit of attention and needs space to quiet down again. One not put off by the times she gets cranky and wants left alone. Someone that is experienced in handling a long hair kitty and the grooming that comes with it. One that doesn’t mind being drooled lovingly on since it shows how happy Sophie is. Who doesn’t mind that Sophie might be insecure at first and need to know where her family is at all times when at home, which might include mews making sure that she hasn’t done anything wrong and that it is okay for her to have full range of the house. That sometimes she might hiss when you enter a room because you startled her. In return for taking the time and loving her she’ll give you her heart and a deep bond of loyalty. A companion when you’re watching TV or reading a book or just hanging out. She’ll be a warm companion in your bed when you sleep. A soft place to cry on or pour your heart out to.

Sophie is in perfect health, up to date on her vaccines, is FELV negative, and micro chipped.

She eats poultry flavored Fancy Feast wet food and adult Iams crunchies at this time. Has perfect litter box manners, uses the scratching posts, and has trimmed nails.

Sophie is being fostered with Juliana in Santa Rosa, CA which is in Sonoma County.

For more information, contact Juliana at (707)694-3733 or email: if you have questions, or send an Adoption Application. If you are unable to reach Juliana by phone or email, email us at