Sir Reginald III
Sir Reginald III
Sir Reginald III
Sir Reginald III
Sir Reginald III
Sir Reginald III

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2020, Adopted

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About Sir Reginald III

Adopted By Melinda & Greg

Special Adoption Fee $275

Where do I start to talk about this special boy?  Well, I guess you had better look at his curly tail. I have seen many, many Persians but never one who had a curly tail like a Pomeranian or Pug as he does. It is amazing! He can straighten it but he likes to curl it above his body. The hair is over four inches long so it creates quite a plume. He is great fun to photograph. 

He has been bred to have a “peke” face- a very pushed in face with a tiny nose. We do have information about his breeder. You might also look at his legs. I think they look extra-long for a Himalayan, which makes him look a little macho, or statuesque. He is a man about town sort of Himi. It is especially unusual to have a declawed cat so inquisitive and so confident. 

When his owner died he and two other declawed cats (a Tonkinese and a Bombay) came to us. After a couple days of reclusiveness, Reginald started giving us orders and telling us what to do. “Come over here and feed me now!!!”  was the subject of his first conversation. “Pet me now!” was the second. and “Let me out of this room!” was the third. He is very entertaining and fun; there is never a dull moment with him. Reggie loves attention. We have had him now about two weeks.

His paperwork shows that he was given a lion cut (a shave down) every year. The vet hospital who did it mentioned always needing to sedate him because he wiggled. We set up with one person petting him actively while holding him and one holding him only  and a third ( me )  doing the shaving. He is fine with this for a certain amount of time and then we take the hint to stop for the day. We have done this four times and he is looking better now. Soon we will bathe him. (Never bathe a matted cat or you will be sorry to see you have created many more and much tighter matts). Reggie arrived with very painful matts, tight to his skin and very thick, matts that limited his mobility. (and hurt).  We immediately started right in on the worst of them to see if he would let us shave him. We were not concerned with how funny he would look. We are smoothing him out a bit now and his coat is growing in quickly. Today we tackled the wavy long hair of his tail.  He didn’t mind at all and his tail combed out easily.

Many Himalayans and Persians are docile, couch potatoes.  Not Sir Reginald. He is an active, curious, probably mischievous companion. Think of him as being like a confident, playful kitten. He likes other cats but I think he is the alpha, he will be the boss. And he will be the boss of you too in the fuzziest, soft pawed way.  Be sure you are ready to be a devoted servant. Reggie lost his home and is in transition thru a very hard time in his life. Given that, he is doing very well. It will be great fun to see him take ownership of his new home.

Reggie would probably be fine with middle-aged children who can understand they should not play infinitely with his amazing, enticing tail. He photographs beautifully and would make a great movie star except he would not take direction well. He likes doing what he wants. He does not want to be held or picked up though he is nice about it and cooperates until he can let you know thru his wiggles he wants to get down. He would likely sleep with you unless the animal life out the window was too interesting. He may have an extreme Himalayan face but he sort of has the personality of a little dog.

So, this kitty, Reginald, is great fun. It is hard to take your eyes off him. He would love to be master of a big house and all in it. We know he is fine with cats. He would probably learn to dominate a dog. I can’t say that for sure since I have never seen him with dogs and I do worry how his declawed status would affect that relationship.

Sir Reginald III eats wet and dry food and is litterbox perfect.

His foster mom in Santa Cruz is Harriet. If you are interested in this kitty, you can contact Harriet by email at Please include your name, location, the name of this kitty and phone contact info. Harriet will get back to you as soon as she can. It you are seriously interested in a kitty it is a good idea to fill out an adoption application. If you are unable to reach Harriet, email us at