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9 Years & Up, Available, Bengal, Savannah & Chausie, Domestic

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  • Owner Placement

About Simba

Born ~2012, M, Brown Shorthair Domestic Tabby/Bengal Mix

Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue is helping facilitate the adoption of this cat though our Owner Placement Program.  We take no responsibility for the health and medical records of this cat.  It is the responsibility of the owner and adopter to discuss this.

Simba is NOT in a Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue foster home, but residing with his current owner in Alameda. Adoption fee applies. Find out more about Owner Placement Cats.

Simba is long and lean like a limousine! He doesn’t present like a typical striped tabby cat and appears to perhaps be carrying some Bengal genes. We don’t know for sure. These ‘clues’ point us to this conclusion: He is strong and muscular, has black paw pads and belly spots, prominent toe knuckles and whisker pads, stands tall on long legs with back legs longer than the front, green/gold rounded eyes and rounded ear tips. He is a brown striped tabby with a short, tight, smooth, soft coat. Simba is a high energy cat with a big personality. He likes to talk and will have a ‘conversation’ with you about feeding time, greets you when you come home, will tell you how happy he is that you love him and that he loves you too. This sweet boy loves his head petted, enjoys being brushed and craves attention.

Beautiful Simba was left in uncertain circumstances when his previous owner recently lost her 14 year battle with cancer. He was among several other cats so we do know a little bit about his interaction with cats in the same household. He tends to be a dominant cat, he likes some cats and others he does not. He gets along best with other cats that are laid back, cool and unassuming.

Simba is in good health. He had a recent wellness check with the Vet who estimates he is a ‘young’ 10 year old with a lot of vitality. A slight heart murmur was detected at this checkup, which may be due to the current stress he is experiencing and could resolve when he settles into his new home. He is up to date on vaccinations and had a dental in May of 2020. Simba enjoys his food and is litter box perfect.

Simba will likely hide when he goes to a new home environment as it will be a big change for him. We recommend him to be in a single cat household, or possibly with one other cat-friendly laid back kitty. He responds well to women and is a little shy towards men. Simba is good with older children who are kind and respectful with animals. He would enjoy being with someone that will give him a forever home with the affection he loves and have interactive playtime with him. Simba is an indoor only cat. He can hardly wait to come home with you!

Simba is neutered, vaccinated, FELV tested, dewormed, microchipped, eats wet and dry food, and is litterbox perfect.

He currently lives with his owner in Alameda.

Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue is dedicated to matching exceptional cats with qualified adopters who will cherish their pet and create an ideal forever home.

If you believe you are the perfect adopter for Simba please tell us why in the comments section of our Adoption Application, and contact Pam at or 541-290-8408. If you are unable to reach Pam please email us at

NOTE: We prefer families with children bring them to the adoption appointment. Why? This allows interaction between the children and the cat. This helps ensure they will be a good fit for each other. A mismatch between a child and a cat is not in anyone’s best interests!