Blind Lovebug Seth
Blind Lovebug Seth
Blind Lovebug Seth
Blind Lovebug Seth
Blind Lovebug Seth
Blind Lovebug Seth

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About Blind Lovebug Seth

Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue is helping facilitate the adoption of this cat. We take no responsibility for the health and medical records of this cat. It is the responsibility of the owner and adopter to discuss this. Seth is not in a Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue foster home but residing with the Marin Humane Society in Novato, CA.

8 year old, Male, Burmese Mix

Have you been looking to adopt a very affectionate kitty who loves to rub his little face against you? Do you like your kitty to be curious, confident, and a little explorer? How about a kitty who enjoys playing with wand toys, is talkative and a purr-machine?

Well, Seth, the nearly blind Lovebug, seems to have the typical Burmese traits outlined in the Cat Fanciers’ Association:

Burmese are extremely people-oriented companions. Their personalities are almost dog-like. They will follow you from room to room, and they greatly desire to give and receive affection. They seek out warm laps and gentle strokes of your hand, and they love to snuggle up with their owners when they are reading or watching TV. Come bedtime they look forward to sleeping in or on your bed if allowed.

Burmese are convinced that it is their job to run the house. Females tend to demand center stage and take an active role in managing the household. Males on the other hand tend to be more relaxed, managing from a comfortable spot on your lap. Be forewarned – Burmese cats can be addictive! It is not uncommon for someone to acquire a Burmese and find one is not enough.

And does it really matter that this little purr-machine doesn’t see well? Despite his bad eye sight it hasn’t slow him down much at all. Kitties just compensate by using their other strong senses of smelling and hearing, so you’ll just have to make sure you keep him safely inside your loving home, which is where kitties belong anyway.

Blind (or nearly blind) kitties will also need a little extra time to adjust to their new surroundings. He apparently is a vocal boy, especially when someone is in the room with him, but not when he is alone. The shelter staff believes his vocalization will subside once he has settled in and has adjusted to his new home.

If your hand loves to stroke a soft, loving kitty companion, please consider giving Seth a forever home.

Please note that Seth is not with Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue. We are courtesy posting him for the Marin Humane Society in Novato, CA.

For more information about this adorable boy, please contact Kyle at the Marin Humane Society Adoption Department directly at 415-506-6253 or email her at You can also call their Adoption Department directly at 415-506-6225. The shelter is open Tuesdays – Sundays.