Savannah Lilly
Savannah Lilly
Savannah Lilly

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2020, Adopted

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About Savannah Lilly

Savannah Lily is what’s known as a Brown Ticked Tabby Chausie. You will note her belly from her front legs to hind legs is strawberry blonde in color, contrasting the dark blended color on her back. Notice her large tufted ears, high cheekbones and sleek, statuesque body.

Savannah Lily is a sweet girl who will want lots of attention from her adopter. Once she’s received the attention she needs, she will dash off to play and play. Then she will snuggle on your shoulder (her favorite spot) while she slumbers away. Chausie’s have a great deal of energy and play intensely so they may not be good with small children.

Savannah Lily tolerates her foster mom’s little dog but will hiss and spit at the doggie for a bit. Then she gets tired of that and runs off. We believe she would do better in a home without a dog unless the dog is very cat tolerant.

She will come to her forever home fully vetted: chipped, spayed, and vaccinated. She is fostered in West Sacramento.

If you would like more information, please contact her foster mom, Leanne at or 916 206-6525. Or send in an Adoption Application with the name Savannah Lilly. If you are unable to reach Leanne please email