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2017, Adopted

Additional Info

About Sandy

Born ~2014, M, Seal Point Snowshoe Siamese

As his name implies, Sandy has a beautiful coat of varying hues of sand with ice blue eyes set in the cutest chocolate bandit’s mask. His eyes draw you in since they shine with the love and happiness he feels (I swear he looks as if he’s smiling all the time). Sandy has long white legs, which make him look as if he’s wearing skinny jeans or thigh high boots, a compact muscular body that ends with the longest mink brown tail. He’s so handsome and loving you can’t help but want to snuggle up with him.

Sandy’s story starts with him coming as a kitten to his previous owner from a family friend. He came to be surrendered to the shelter for being too active for the owner’s lifestyle. He then came to be in our rescue group and fostered by me for getting too stressed out by the shelter environment which had led him to shutting down and/or acting out. Now that he is in a calm environment once more his wonderful, confident self has come out.

Sandy is a playful, and loving young kitty who wants nothing more than to find his forever home. To find his forever family that will love him as much as he wants to love them. He loves nothing more then to play with his toy balls (even just a wadded up paper ball will work), snuggling up on the couch with me to watch TV, getting treats of cooked chicken, and running around the house. Sandy has had no problems interacting with other cats and would love it if his new family had another young cat that he could get into mischief together, wear each other down or just to snuggle up to (when he’s not hanging with the family of course). He’s tried several times to make friends with my old grumpy kitties but to no avail. Not sure if he would feel the same about dogs. Sandy is the typical Siamese in that he is very vocal and talkative, has the sweetest chirr or chirp. One really cute thing that he does, when he sees me, is he stands up like a prairie dog and rubs up against my hand to be petted.

He hates ceiling fans though, stares at them like they’re going to fly at him, every time he enters a room. Sandy loves looking out the windows at the world, so a post might be nice, or maybe a nice walk on the leash. Does let you pick him up and hold him but not to cuddle for long, and will let you cut his nails.

Sandy will only eat canned chicken wet food, I have him on Fancy Feast wet food and a mixture of Science Diet and Fancy Feast dry food. Sandy would do better with an experienced cat owner that will be patient with him as he’s still young and energetic. He had never had a scratching post before so he’s still learning to use them.

Sandy is fostered Santa Rosa, Sonoma County and his foster mom is Juliana.

Contact: Juliana (707)694-3733 or email: if you have questions, or send an Adoption Application. If you are unable to reach Juliana by phone or email, email us at