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Meet Sammie, a beautiful Maine Coon who needs your help. Even though there was not a lot of information on him, he seemed to be in good health and, of course, how could you not fall in love with them? We decided to bring him into foster care system and find them the perfect home.

For the first two weeks everything appeared to be fine. We even posted him for adoption! He loved any and all attention and he would start to knead with his feet immediately. Sammie loved to open cabinet doors and go inside to take a nap.

Then out of the blue…

Sammie developed breathing issues. It was heavy but we were not overly concerned. Despite that we decided to have him checked out. After x-rays the lungs are showing some kind of bronchial/lung disease and even though he had a blood panel done with nothing serious showing. Then he started limping on one rear leg and now he cannot use his rear legs at all! We had an more x-rays done. His spine appears to be in excellent shape. He is happy as can be and adores the attention. But we need to continue with testing, eliminating what it is not, so we can determine what it is and how to get him back on track. Sammie’s breathing is stable at this point in time. We are watching him closely. He is on anti-fungal Fluconazole and Marboflaxacin

We still do not have a clear diagnosis of what is causing the bronchial/lung issues along with the myriad of other neurological type symptoms.

Did he live in a home filled with black mold and this is the consequence? Did he pick something up at the shelter they were in? Is it a delayed environmental issue? Is it some type of pneumonia? Was he exposed to Round Up or some type of toxin?

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We have spent approximately $1600 for Sammie to date. We need to continue with more specific blood work and tests to isolate the issue. So with our heart in our hands, we are again asking you to find it in your heart to help us help Sammie regain his health so he can live a happy and healthy life. You can make a difference for this special boy.

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