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2022 Holiday Rescues, Special Tails

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About Samson

Don’t Give Up

Samson was dropped off at a shelter.  His tail had a huge bandage on it. His tail had been “ripped” and the fur was gone; the muscle and in places the bone was exposed.  The shelter had no idea what had caused this and suspected the tail might need to be amputated.  We immediately jumped to the rescue.

Samson was a very big Maine Coon Mix. We picked him up and got him to the vet as quickly as possible.  We were concerned that it could end up infected! The vet had to amputate all but 3 inches of what had to have been a beautiful tail.

He had to have been in pain for a while and seemed really grateful for our help.  He took some time to recover from the trauma of the injury, the shelter and the amputation. Initially losing his tail seemed to affect his balance.  He was very apprehensive when he was jumping up or down whether it was a cat tree or a window sill.  He eventually regained his confidence and was soon as good as new. Through it all he was always loving and gentle and loved being close to his foster Mom.  He loved hanging out with the other cats in the household and adored being brushed.

Samson soon found the perfect forever home with three other kitties and a great loving owner who will always cherish him.

What makes Samson’s story stand out to many of us, is how quickly some people will give up on a companion who simply requires a helping hand that they are unable or not prepared to give. At this time of year, let us all rededicate ourselves to being kind and offering that helping hand. You make it possible for us to help cat’s like Samson…and we are forever grateful.