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Born ~2006, F, Tortoiseshell-tabby (Torbie) Persian

In September we had a family member reach out to our rescue group about a couple of Persian cats who were soon to be orphaned by their human. The family member had been looking in on the cats daily while their human was in the hospital. The owner returned home for hospice, and the Persian cats were no longer apart from their human. The cats were able to stay with their human in their home until she passed. During this time, the cats’ situation had been posted online for possible adoption. Unfortunately there were no responses in this short time-frame, so arrangements were made for the Persian cats to immediately come into foster.

Rena was described as a 13 year old “‘one human and one human only’ type of cat,” though she allowed herself to be pet by others. She is a pretty older lady who is taking her time to recover from her recent loss. She eats and sleeps next to her sister while observing the world around her from a safe place.

Mandy was described as “a lover who likes a LOT of attention.” Both kitties were apprehensive about their change of space, as can be seen in their eyes in the first pictures. However, Mandy was quick to seek attention and purred when it was received. Mandy is a princess with the Tortie attitude and commands the room.

The cats came into foster in a bit of a mess. Obviously due to their recent loss, but also because of the inability to properly care for their coats. Rena was especially matted and mourning her human. As seen in the pictures, it took some time for Rena to come out of her cage. Her eyes have slowly softened with care and treats. Mandy had fewer knots and was quicker to trust her new foster humans. However neither cat trusted the groomer, and so it took longer for their new foster mom to gain their trust and take care of their coats. Mandy is now knot free, but she requires daily brushing and eye wipes. Rena was at first reclusive, and now she has approaches her foster humans to check for treats. Grooming Rena’s coat had been a step by step process. After putting on a little weight, Rena was given a lion cut. She is noticeably happier and enjoys sunning herself. Rena also requires daily eye wipes, and she will require daily brushing when her beautiful coat grows out.

Rena no longer hides from her foster humans, and Mandy continues to be a love bug with a princess attitude. These sisters have lived together their entire lives and need to be adopted together.

Rena and Mandy have been checked by a vet, have tested combo negative, and are litter box perfect.

Rena and Mandy are fostered in Napa, CA.

Please call Jillian at 707-337-7577 or email and submit an Adoption Application on our website,