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2017, Adopted

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About Ramses

Adopted by Ken & Nancy

Born ~2010, M, Brown Marbled Bengal

February Update: Ramses is doing great. Today I got a picture of him in a catio in the sun. ( Sun? Sunlight? What is that? ) I am glad to be able to show the magnificence of his colors. Ramses is a special cat who needs to bond with a special human. Two beings who call out to each other. An ideal home for him is one man and him. That is all he really needs.

There are a number of frustrations that are a part if working in rescue. One of the most annoying to me is not knowing the history of the cats I foster and fall in love with. Ramses is such a kitty of mystery. I just can’t figure out his probable history.

His story that we know of starts with a man seeing him under a car parked in front of his home. An animal lover, the man opened his front door and called Ramses and in he went. Fascinated by him but unable to keep him, this man brought him to a shelter. The shelter put him in a 2’x 3’ cage and waited for his family to come looking for him. No one came. Over two months later, they reached out to Purebreds and asked if we could take him. We were happy to.

After a long day of driving through traffic, he arrived at his foster home. He explored his room, brushed past our legs with no shyness and checked everything out. He has an unusual kind of confidence and a large personality. He will give one meow to you as a hello when you arrive. Ramses is a good-natured guy but you never forget he is in the room and that he has his own wants and interests. He is a cat that makes you respect him.

He is, of course, a gorgeous bengal. His very rich colors are unusual. They positively glow in the sunlight- rich deep browns and auburns with a striking marbled pattern. Most people think of Bengals as being “spotted” with rosettes but “marbled” Bengals with their high drama dark and light pattern are equally desirable in the show ring. Of course his green, green eyes are wonderful with this coloring.

We took Ramses to the vet and had a blood panel taken. He is a healthy boy. He seemed to have some muscle loss in his hind legs and was not a good jumper which Bengals tend to be. Was this just from his long weeks in that tiny shelter cage? Our vet thought his muscles showed he had been confined longer than that. Had he been confined or crated as a owned cat? Was he a caged breeder’s stud? We will never know but we have watched his muscles grew back and he has learned to jump better.

Ramses is a very confident cat around humans. He likes attention. He rubs against you. Butts heads with you. He does pretty well after a few moments with absolute strangers. But then how did he get this way if he was confined? It doesn’t make sense. By the way, we also think Ramses does not want to be outside. We put him in a big outside catio and he was just not interested in it. How did he end up under that car.?

Ramses was adopted and taken to Southern California. Against his foster mom’s advice he was let out into the whole home and allowed around the family’s three cats after just a couple days. This was way too much change, all at once, for this boy. He became very anxious and upset. He nipped at his new dad. This couple had had a Bengal before and perhaps they thought Ramses would respond as their last cat had. He was returned literally 7 days after he was adopted. That was a tough week for him and he arrived very upset. We let him chill and he settled in. We knew not to push him during this time.

Actually, Ramses is a very smart cat that has opinions and you need to notice them and respect them at any time. We pick him up and annoy him by giving him flea meds or oral meds, or putting him here or there. He is a nice boy for us and tolerates our intrusion, but we watch him carefully and sometimes choose our timing carefully. This is not a cat to treat thoughtlessly. If you want to adopt Ramses you need to be an experienced, sophisticated, exotic cat owner. He is a lot of cat. He is so very smart and affectionate…he is a delight to pal around with. Unlike most Bengals he is actually a lap cat when he chooses. However, his adopter will need to live with Ramses on his own terms. He will also need to set limits for him and train him.

One of my theories about Ramses is that he lived his life caged or confined and now that he has had a taste of greater freedom, he wants it it all. This is why I started out this bio writing about the frustration of not knowing his history. This may be an entirely new stage for him as he realizes what more is available to him in life. He is changing and wants more.

Ramses is a magnificent cat. No question about that. For the right person he is a wonderful, fascinating companion. He is not a cat for a family with children or for an elderly couple who might be unstable on their feet. More than most cats, he needs to be introduced to changes in his life slowly. He is currently living in a big 30’ x 20’ room with five other gentle cats with whom he gets along with just fine having gotten to know them slowly. I don’t know how he is with dogs.

He eats wet and dry food and is litterbox perfect. I might add that you can get him to do just about anything with Greenie treats.

His foster mom is Harriet in Santa Cruz.

Contact Harriet at (831) 336-2983 or toharrietjane@comcast.net if you have questions, or send an Adoption Application. If you are unable to reach Harriet by phone or email, email us at Info@purebredsplus.org.