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2018, Adopted

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  • Courtesy Post, Special Fee $75

About Ramona

Adopted by Patty

Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue is helping facilitate the adoption of this cat. We take no responsibility for the health and medical records of this cat. It is the responsibility of the owner and adopter to discuss this. Ramona is not in a Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue foster home but residing with her owner in Oakland, CA. Find out more about Courtesy Post Cats here.

Born February 2011, F, Smoke Maine Coon Mix

Ramona is a lovely smoke colored Maine Coon mix. She and her lovely brother Marcos were rescued by her current owner from a shelter. Because of upcoming changes in the current owner’s life, our rescue organization was contacted to help find this bonded lovely pair of cats a new home.

Ramona is thoughtful and tentative in new places; she will find a small space to feel safe for an extended period of time until she feels comfortable. Once she feels comfortable she will become assertive. She is the alpha at least once she gets comfortable. She likes to jump on your lap and stay there as you pet her. She is open to getting picked up, carried, and petted.

She does not mind if someone roughhouses with her. She likes being groomed and is very patient even when she gets her nails trimmed. Sometimes when she is on your lap and you are petting her she will nibble softly at you to say stop. Her current owner states that Ramona is an awesome kitty with a super chill personality. Please note that she and her brother Marcos are a bonded pair and need to be adopted together.

Ramona likes wet food and is not a picky eater. She is litterbox perfect.

If you are interested in adopting this lovely kitty girl, please contact Frauke at 925-784-8244 or loveallcats7@gmail.com and send an Adoption Application.

Please note that Ramona is not in a Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue foster home but residing with her owner in Oakland CA.