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2019, Adopted

Additional Info

About Raksha

Adopted by Melissa & Jason

Born ~ 2017, F, Brown Ticked Chausie

Well hello there! My name is Raksha. I’m a 2½ year old Chausie with exceptionally magnificent green-yellow eyes and high cheekbones! The Chausie breed, established in 1995, traces some heritage to “Felis chaus”, a long legged jungle cat that lived along wetlands from Singapore to the Nile. Today’s Chausies are many generations away from those original “wild” kitties.

If you’ve never known, or been a Chausie guardian, be prepared to be charmed! We tend to be intelligent, friendly, active, athletic cats and retain a playful curiosity who enjoys spending time with his humans throughout life. Chausies are generally medium to large in size with females ranging from 15 to 20 pounds, long-bodied and leggy which contributes to their athletic look. Right now I weigh around 14 pounds. I have a ticked brown coat that has three distinct colors along the short hair shaft.

Expect to keep me entertained as well as socially and mentally stimulated or Id need to make my own “entertainment”! Chausies are not for the laid-back lap kind of kitty lovers, we are playful, intelligent, athletic cats and form deep bonds with our humans. We love to be in your company and to be happy, healthy kitties, need your time and attention, especially for some interactive play sessions. In fact, we are considered to be very dog-like in our affinity for spending time with you. If you work a bunch, I might not be the best kitty for you.

I’ve been a mama two times and came to my foster mom in February from a breeder along with a litter of five kittens (four Chausies and one adopted baby). I love being a mama but am ready to be a kid myself and learn how wonderful it is to have a family that I can call all my own. I’ve been working on my lap cat skills but am still much more comfortable just being next to you. I can be a little shy and like “hidey” places sometimes. Don’t worry about that though, I know once I get comfortable and have my very own humans to love and call family, I will get over it quickly. This whole love thing is just new to me. I really love it when you scratch my chin and my neck, so that will probably help, and oh, don’t forget to scratch me behind my ears too. I don’t mind other cats and even don’t mind the big thing in the house that my mom calls a dog, she said something about him being a chocolate lab. All I know is he lets me flirt with him. I’m not too much of a talker, actually my mom says it’s just the right amount and that it sounds like a little coo.

So with that said, are you ready to meet your new bestie? I am located in Sacramento.

If you would like more information, please contact foster mom, Lesa, at mickey5150@gamil.com or send in an Adoption Application with your chosen kitten’s name. If you are unable to reach Lesa, email us at Info@purebredsplus.org.