Ra the Sun God
Ra the Sun God
Ra the Sun God
Ra the Sun God

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2018, Adopted

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About Ra the Sun God

Adopted by Ellen

Born ~ 3/13, M, Cream Tabby and White Bi-Colored Persian

Ra came to us from Cairo, Egypt. That’s quite a journey for a kitty! There is a wonderful woman in Cairo that does so much to save kitties including sending them on trips to the US! Ra is a fabulous, big boy that is ready to find to find his American Dream home. Ra is very curious about everything and loves to follow his people around and watch everything they do, occasionally he tries to help but usually he stays out of the way. He loves belly rubs and cuddles, he will sleep curled up by your pillow or stretched out along your back. He seems fascinated by other kitties but sometimes gets a little too fascinated with some of the little meek Persians around here and he will stalk them, so he would probably do well with other large confident kitties or as an only cat. He is not phased at all by dogs, big or small.

He is very good with his spa sessions (aka grooming) and will take a bath with just a minimal amount of fuss. Ra does have a history of urinary crystals, so he needs to stay on a diet of urinary formula foods, for example Royal Canin SO or Science Diet CD. He does very well on both of those brands and should not have any future problems providing the diet is maintained for life. This boy is just a huge armful of love that will bring a ray of sunshine into your home.

Ra is fostered in Placerville, CA.

Please contact her foster mom Jen at ppcr.jen@gmail.com if you have questions, or send an Adoption Application. If you are unable to reach Jen by phone or email, email us at Info@purebredsplus.org.