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2019, Adopted

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About Porter

Adopted By Megan

Whoosh! What was that?

Porter is a friendly, high-energy little fellow with bright blue eyes and seal-point markings.

Porter greets new human friends right away with head-butts and curious sniffs. Once the
introductions are complete, he loves to play.

Often you’ll find Porter zooming down a hallway or through a room a top speed, on his way
to check out what’s going on somewhere else in the house. Once you catch his attention,
Porter loves to chase a ball-and-string toy, and demonstrate his fierce hunting skills.

Be prepared — Porter can be quite the acrobatic climber, and he can easily leap to the top
of a 5-ft dresser just to see what’s up there.

Once he’s tired himself out, Porter will seek you out to climb in your lap and purr loudly,
and promptly fall asleep to take a nap. Until it’s time to go zooming again…

Porter is strongly attached to the humans in his life. In the morning he’ll greet you with
sweet, raspy trills, and roll around on the floor to let you know it’s time for breakfast.

During the day, be careful, he’s usually underfoot. At night, Porter will gladly join you at
the foot of the bed and may even burrow under the covers next to you.

Porter was rescued through a local animal shelter. He was dropped off by an owner who
had too many cats. Fortunately, the shelter staff quickly recognized what a friendly cat
he was and contacted us. Porter is so fun and full of life — we’re very glad to have him.

This little guy would love to find a forever home with an adopter that can give him lots
of attention and play time. Porter is friendly and playful with other cats. With a proper
introduction, he would likely get along well with another active cat.

Porter is up-to-date on vaccinations and uses his litter box perfectly. He’s had a recent
teeth cleaning and enjoys a dry food diet.

Porter is currently fostered in Sunnyvale, in the south Bay Area near San Jose.

For more information, please call John at 408-813-6320 or email at jjscats@enyo.com,
or fill out an Adoption Application at the Purebreds Plus website, www.purebredsplus.org.