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2013 Christmas, Special Tails

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Sometimes a diva needs love too…

I honestly can’t tell you what it was but there was just something super special about this little Chinchilla Persian, lovingly called Poppy. I still remember the first day I saw her. My heart just went out to her.

We found Poppy at a shelter miserable beyond belief. She was in terrible shape, her fur was one big matt and her little bottom was red and raw. We bathed her and shaved her, and what a difference. Despite all of this she was oh so full of attitude. “It’s about time someone took care of me!”

Poppy was a tiny little thing, only maybe 5 pounds and had gorgeous green eyes that could see into your heart. She had this endearing quality of telling me all about her day, when I would get home from work each day. She was a little princess and had quite the little character to match!

Oh my, did she have quirks! Especially concerning her water. She would always paw the floor around the bowl, one paw, then the other, back and forth like she was digging to China. She also always drank from the far side of the bowl, and with the big bowls she would get her whole front bib sopping wet, so I switched her to a coffee cup and that worked perfectly. From that point on, every morning when I had coffee in my coffee cup, she got fresh water in her coffee cup, and we would start the day together.

Then there was the…ahem…adventure of grooming. Poppy HATED being brushed and would fight me like a sumo wrestler, twisting and turning to get her claws into me. The strange thing is she LOVED being shaved and would sit there and purr while I clipped her. What a nut!

Poppy’s story had a happy ending. She found a forever home with a wonderful young girl who adored her. She was pampered and spoiled as a diva should be, by that family until she passed away.

Little Poppy left little loving paw prints on all the hearts she touched.