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2019, Adopted

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About Phoenix

Adopted by Holly & Jeremy

Born ~9/25/18, M, Seal-point Siamese Mix

Lost. Limping. What’s a poor guy to do?

Purebreds was alerted through a Face Book post about this little Siamese kitten found by a college student. The student was unable to keep him and indicated he had a limp in one of his back legs.

Purebreds stepped forward to help. He was taken to one of our vets who took radiographs and found a healed, 90 degree fracture of his left femur. The surgeon looked at the x-rays of the already-healed leg, considered the growth plates, and said, “No surgery. Let him loose and let him be a cat!”

So, this beautiful Siamese boy with a “hitch in his get-along” acquired the name “Phoenix” and came into rescue for adoption.

True to his Siamese nature, he is loving, playful, intelligent, a bit of a talker, a bit possessive of his toys, death on the kitty tease, and happy to have a little running room. He loves to be loved and stroked. He walks toward me and I can hear his purr and see him making starfish-feet as he walks. This interactive young man needs his human to participate in his life with lots of loving and lots of play. He’s a kick!

When overstimulated, he gives love bites, and he has a habit of running along when I’m walking through the house, so we’ve run into each other a few times. Because of the love bites, if you have young children, this is not the cat for you! If you have balance problems, this is not the cat for you!

If you are gone for days at a time, this is not the cat for you. As the article listed below on Siamese indicates, the answer to the question “Will my Siamese be OK if I’m gone?” is yes, the cat will be OK; the house will not.

If you think you can lock him up in a cage or a room, this is not the cat for you. He will loudly and persistently demand release.

However, if you want a partner, a buddy, a personal assistant who will play, converse, cuddle up for a movie, and be your constant admirer, this IS the cat for you, which means that Phoenix can go on to the big item on his agenda, his own forever person!!

He is good with his litterbox and has been vaccinated, microchipped, and tested neg/neg. Phoenix is fostered in Davis, CA. For more information, email Kathy at

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