Phancy Phoebe
Phancy Phoebe
Phancy Phoebe

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2021, Adopted

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  • Special Needs

About Phancy Phoebe

Born 4/11/2011, F, Seal Mink Tortie Ragdoll

**Phancy Phoebe must be an only cat**

Phancy Phoebe is a purebred, TICA pedigreed Ragdoll. Generally, when one thinks of a Ragdoll, the classic image of the blue eyed cat with white paws, upside down V on the face, and seal points comes to mind. A CFA judge told Phoebe’s foster mom that some of the unique coat colors such as Phoebe’s are only recently allowed in CFA and if she were registered there, she would be called a Ragamuffin.

Phoebe’s eyes are very mysterious. On her papers the eye color is listed as “Aqua,” however, Phoebe’s foster mom prefers to call her unique eye color “Subject To Change Without Notice.” In certain lights they look almost glacier water blue, in other lights they look amber. Phoebe also uses her eyes to communicate with you. Sometimes she looks down her chiseled muzzle at you with disdain and then her eyes seem very dark and judgmental. Other times she will peak over the edge of a blanket or around a corner with a round eyed innocent look that makes her seem like a kitten.

Phoebe was used in a breeding program and has probably had many kittens. She may not have been able to develop a play style in her past but is intrigued with a feather toy now that she is offered opportunities for human/cat play. She tends to run around it or jump in the air but is only just now learning to grab at it. What she loves most right now is to run. It’s almost like after having spent years carrying kittens she finally feels free. During her first week in the foster home she was mostly invisible, but her foster parents could hear her running back and forth upstairs in the bedroom during the day. If she was a human she would be one of those empty nest ladies who takes up running 1/2 marathons for the joy of it. If you didn’t know better, you would think she was a 2-4 years because of her playful personality. She loves to run ahead of her foster mom and supervise household activities.

Phoebe enjoys human affection but is not obnoxious about it. She seeks out her foster brother and will hang out with him in his office. He can pick her up like a baby and she will curl into a little ball of fluff and tuck her head under his arm. Her favorite place to nap is in the atrium under a plant waiting for her foster brother to come back to work. She will sometimes sneak under the covers during the night but otherwise sleeps at the foot of the bed. Once she knows and trusts you, she will solicit tummy rubs.

Phoebe was in a multi-cat situation prior to coming to her current foster home and did well until she met some snotty little shaded silver Persian who thought she was “all that.” After their disagreement on who was to be the Queen of the House, Phoebe got banished to a spare bedroom for a lengthy time out. In her current foster home she truly is the Queen of the House as she is the only cat free to roam the main house. Phoebe is curious about other cats and has had some interactions where she seems to want to be friends and play buddies. On the other hand, a local stray cat who likes to look inside through a glass door has incurred Phoebe’s wrath. When she sees him through the window, she will start slapping the glass repeatedly. She also sniffs under the doorway to Grandma’s apartment where there are several other cats but has shown no aggression to them when they sneak into the house for a few minutes or when she sneaks into the apartment.

This girl has had a rough time of it since coming into rescue and she is so fortunate that she made it to us when she did. When she came into rescue, she was a hot mess. She had a severe flea allergy and was very thin with a straggly coat that she had chewed off due to the fleas. In addition, Phoebe had a very difficult spay surgery due to a severe internal infection; the veterinarian was surprised she had survived long enough to make it to surgery. In July Phoebe seemed out of sorts. She was not eating and we decided to bring her in to the vet due to her earlier history. She had to have emergency surgery; we could not wait. She had a blockage… a large hairball. At that time the vet thought it prudent for her to have a biopsy of the intestines which showed she had chronic IBD with a localized deep tissue infection from the mass. She was placed on a prescription diet of Royal Canin Ultamino which is a highly palatable, highly digestible, complete and balanced hydrolyzed diet. She also completed a round of antibiotics for the infection and has fully recovered from her ordeal. Now that her health has improved, Phoebe’s coat is also improving. It is silky and is getting a nice shine to it.

In her new foster home, Phoebe shows some curiosity about the out of doors but thankfully, she hasn’t made any blatant attempts to get outside. She will need a forever home that will keep her inside 100% of the time and be conscientious about doors being fully closed.

Phancy Phoebe is spayed, vaccinated, FELV tested, dewormed, microchipped, eats wet and dry food, and is litterbox perfect.

She currently lives with her foster family in Vacaville.

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NOTE: We prefer families with children bring them to the adoption appointment. Why? This allows interaction between the children and the cat. This helps ensure they will be a good fit for each other. A mismatch between a child and a cat is not in anyone’s best interest!