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2017, Adopted

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About Petunia

Adopted by Michael

Born ~6/13/17, F, Black and White Tuxedo Maine Coon Mix

These two almost identical tuxedo sisters, Petunia and Priscilla, (“Tuni and Silly”) are adorable. Fortunately Petunia has a white splotch on her nose so they can be easily told apart. Their tuxedo bibs are just exactly the same. Their long black bodies and long tails are the same. The white on their feet varies just a little.

These two are not only sisters they are best friends and must go home together. Tuni is the most curious and outgoing of the two kittens. Priscilla, more of a homebody, grooms Tuni and stands behind her. They are both growing into graceful big cats with long beautiful bodies. Of course they are kittens, playful and happy, who find the whole world is their toy. They love humans though Silly is a bit slower to accept a new human than Tuni. She can be shy in a new, noisy situation. She follows Tuni’s lead. They both especially love attention, catnip, and feather toys.The Maine Coon in them makes them great family cats.

These kittens came from a family who had too many cats and kittens. I saw them and immediately asked if I could take them into foster. Soon some lucky family will have a fabulous matched pair of tuxedo girl kittens. What could be more fun? They often sit side by side – so perfect and identical. Of course they move as soon as I get my camera out.

They eat wet and dry food and are litterbox perfect.

Their foster mom is Harriet in Santa Cruz.

Contact Harriet at (831) 336-2983 or email if you have questions, or send an Adoption Application. If you are unable to reach Harriet by phone or email, email us at