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2014 Christmas, Special Tails

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What a handsome pair of one-year-old Snow Bengal boys Peter and Pongo are. They were rescued from an amateur breeder who bought 2 very beautiful females and a male and thought he would let nature take its course. And sell the results. When this man’s garage caught fire, the firemen left the home’s doors open. Terrified by the sirens and commotion, all the cats raced out. These poor panicked cats lived under cars on busy streets until we got them into traps and into a foster home. Some were out 3 weeks before we could catch them. Food is a great motivator.

Peter and Pongo came in skinny and very stressed and so glad to be inside again. The breeder, by the way, had decided he wanted nothing further to do with the young cats he had bred. He did not assist with trapping them. In fact, he wouldn’t even open the doors to his home to let them in. It was a very bad situation. Once we had them, Peter and Pongo thrived and gained weight and won our hearts. They also both had a case of serious diarrhea. What had they gotten into during their time on the streets? We are so fortunate to have sponsors who make sure there are funds for these types of situations. It took a great deal of increasingly sophisticated testing until we finally identified the tiny protozoa that was causing the trouble. The boys were put on appropriate medications, so that ultimately they received a clean bill of health and could be adopted.

Pongo could have been named Romeo; he is such a big lover. He is a very sweet cat and wants to cuddle with humans all the time. Peter is also all about cuddling; he will tenderly climb onto your shoulder and rest his head on your neck or snuggle up under your chin. Both cats are very mellow, non-Alpha types, and their love for humans is particularly strong. Of course, being Bengals, they also have buns of steel and endless, mischievous energy.

Peter and Pongo love to play together. They are the best of buddies and made an extraordinarily beautiful pair. We decided they had to go home together. Now at last they are happy, healthy, and enjoying their new home and family. Their new Mom affectionately calls them the Marshmallow Boys. How lovely to think that they are now well set to be safe and loved for the next 18 or 19 years of their life.

These wonderful young cats were two of a total of 17 unfixed Bengals, 4 females and 13 males, that Purebred Plus rescued from this terrible situation. They were all gorgeous but also malnourished, and all were in need of some type of special care and food to get them healthy. Large projects like this are expensive, and we couldn’t undertake them if it weren’t for the generosity of supporters like you.