Patrick O’Mallery & Poppet
Patrick O’Mallery & Poppet
Patrick O’Mallery & Poppet

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About Patrick O’Mallery & Poppet

Dental issues can be serious and painful.  It can lead to bad breath, swollen and bleeding gums, loose teeth, oral pain and difficulty eating! Many times it is difficult to tell if a cat is in pain.

However sometimes cats get grumpy and they do not want you touching near their mouth at all! Wouldn’t you be grumpy if you had a constant toothache?

We have two special cats that could use some help from you!  They are both in dire need of extractions and general dental care!  Please help us by donating now!

Meet Patrick O’Mallery: He is a lucky 7 year old Maine Coon boy. He has been on his own for a while and needs to put on a couple pounds. But he is not eating real well right now. Why? Because he has some serious, mouth pain caused by his molars that need to be pulled. We estimate $650 as the all-inclusive price of exam, blood work, extractions and medication

Meet Poppet: She is a beautiful 4 year old Ragdoll girl! She was a stray who needs some love and tender care.  She has some serious issues with her lower canine teeth causing lesions and sores on her lips.  She obviously does not want you touching her mouth right now. We have estimated her charges to be about $750 as the all-inclusive price, as removing canines can be tricky.

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What Can You Do?

We need to raise $1,400 to cover all the dental work.  With your support as of 3/1/20 we have raised $700 and have $700 to go to cover the work for both Patrick and Poppet!  Your support and donations always make the difference. Please help us give Patirck and Poppet the needed medical care and the life they both deserve! and thank you from the bottom of our heart for always being there when we need you.

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