Obi-One Kenobi
Obi-One Kenobi
Obi-One Kenobi
Obi-One Kenobi
Obi-One Kenobi

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  • Special Fee $275

About Obi-One Kenobi

Born 9/5/16, M, Purebred Ebony Oriental Shorthair

Special Fee $275

Wow, look at this stunning cat. He reminds one of a sleek black panther. Obi’s previous owner got this pedigreed black Oriental Shorthair neutered male as a four month old kitten from a breeder. Obi was a bit too assertive in his previous home towards two older female cats, which is the reason he was surrendered to our organization.

Obi is now enjoying his time with his new foster dad and his foster dad’s two male cats. His foster dad has noticed how much Obi and the other boys enjoy playing with each other. His foster dad is still assessing Obi’s personality but agrees with the previous owner that Obi is an affectionate and sweet cat once he gets to know people. Obi enjoys practicing his kitty prowess by catching the mouse on a wire and loves to play with interactive toys. When he wants attention he does not really meow, but rather makes noises that make him sound a little bit like a monkey.

His foster dad will update Obi’s bio and provide some new pictures soon, allowing him to assess Obi as he gets more acclimated and settled in his new environment.

Obi uses his litterbox without issues. He was seen by a vet for his shot in February 2017 and declared healthy. He weighs approximately 10 lbs.

Obi is fostered in Tracy, CA.

If you are interested in adopting this stunning boy, please contact HJ via phone or text message at 510-220-6265 and send an Adoption Application.