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2022 Holiday Rescues, Special Tails

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  • Second Time Around

About Noodles

Second Time Around…

Hello, my name is Noodles. Once upon a time, in a faraway land, not so long ago, I was lost and homeless. I was very hungry and was searching for some food. I found some nice ladies and begged for something to eat. They started giving me some chicken. They could tell that I was lost and they followed me for over two hours, feeding me and trying to get me to trust them. Finally, my tummy was full, and I decided that they were ok and I decided to trust them. Although they stuck me in a pretty small carrier, it wasn’t for long.

The nice lady let me out of the carrier and I thought I was in heaven. I had a really cozy bed and all the food and water that I wanted, and toys and a big cat tree so that I could watch the birds and squirrels play. I had a very hard tummy because I had milk for babies that I had lost somewhere. Sadly, I don’t know what happened to my babies. I like to think that another kind human found them and took care of them for me. The lady put hot compresses on my tummy and rubbed it every night, it felt so good that I purred and made air biscuits the entire time!

Ollie soon arrived at the home and we bonded from the first minute we met. Fast forward to my new family. I met my new family and I knew instantly they would be mine forever!  But wait, what about Ollie??? It turned out Ollie and I were going to this awesome family together!  When I told Ollie, we did the happy dance together. So, Ollie and I are living our best life with the best family in the world! We have the most wonderful ending ever. Ollie and I love them so much!

It’s no secret that we see pets from all walks of life at Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue. Some animals arrive because they were lost and alone on the street trying to survive. Some arrive because their owners abandon them. Others arrive because some circumstance makes it impossible for their person to keep them, and so it becomes our goal to find them a new home. Some are sick and injured, some are healthy and some have never known what a true “home” could be. Some are shy, some scared, and some of the happy-go-lucky kitties are completely unaffected by the situation. No matter their background, we are here to give them a second chance at life, to act as a safe haven for those in need. Noodles is one of those that was given that chance…