Mr. Sabbath
Mr. Sabbath
Mr. Sabbath

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2019 Christmas, Special Tails

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  • Second (& Third) Chance Kitty

About Mr. Sabbath

Sometimes a cat’s journey has extra twists and turns, and Mr. Sabbath is definitely one who took the long way home.

When the president of our rescue group asked if we wanted to foster Mr. Sabbath, we jumped at the chance. Who wouldn’t want to help such a gorgeous, adorable kitty?

But after reading through Mr. Sabbath’s paperwork and vet records, we felt an overwhelming sadness. He was originally brought to a shelter when he was just one year-old, severely neglected. Was he abandoned as a kitten? Did he wander out an open door and get lost? Either way, he was in tough shape: matted, infested with fleas and ear mites, and un-neutered.

The shelter stepped in to help and he responded well. With a better diet, grooming, and a quick neuter, he was ready to find his forever home and of course, was quickly adopted.

Mr. Sabbath must have thought he hit the Daily Double. He was well-loved in his new home with plenty of good food, play, and warm laps. But eventually, he began to feel something was wrong. It was hard to eat and he was in constant pain. Since kitties can’t verbally tell you they’re hurting, they sometimes act out by changing their toilet habits, as Mr. Sabbath did – and not in a good way.

His owner knew something was wrong and had him checked by a vet. The doctor’s diagnosis was clear; the problem was treatable, but Mr. Sabbath’s owner couldn’t afford it. Heartbroken, the owner opted to surrender Mr. Sabbath to PurebredsPlus.

Separated from the only loving home he’d known, and in excruciating pain, the poor little guy was listless and distant. He could smell other cats but didn’t feel up to defending himself, which only added to his stress. We did our best to comfort him while planning the first step in his rehabilitation.

His previous owner mentioned that he loves head scratches but “if you get near his mouth he might bite.” That’s when we knew he needed dental work.

Three days later Mr. Sabbath was in a vet’s office. He was even more terrified in this building that smelled like fear, with strangers poking at him. Even worse, the doctor kept touching all the places that hurt! Well, Mr. Sabbath was not going to tolerate that!

Growling and hissing, hurting and confused, he ran back into his carrier and refused to come out again. The vet explained that he had a terribly painful condition which caused his teeth to deteriorate from the inside. He recommended extraction of all remaining teeth, except for one. While under anesthesia the doctor was also able to check his inflamed ears, cleaning them out and applying antibiotics.

A few days and $1600 later, Mr. Sabbath was a new kitty! Instead of cowering in his carrier he jumped on a lap and purred. He followed us around the house and spent hours batting and chasing a kitty-sized soccer ball. And from day forward he was litter box perfect!

Happy and healthy, Mr. Sabbath was ready to find his true forever home, and he did that in record time! He now lives with a wonderful family and has bonded with his human little brother. They share a bed at night and are as inseparable as a feline and human can be.  It was a long and winding road for Mr. Sabbath, but he has found his place in the world and brought much happiness to his new home.

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