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Born ~2009, Male, Blue Point Siamese

Fabulous Mr. Squeeks is a total lover boy. He has recently gained 5 pounds – no, not fat, but solid muscle. This adorable boy has blossomed in his caring foster home. His condition is not life threatening, so please don’t get concerned about the “Special Needs” mention. He is on some inexpensive oral medication that, due to his good nature, is easy to administer. He has been fully vetted with a recent blood panel that was normal.

Now on to the many reasons why you would want to adopt this fabulous boy. First of all, as true Siamese cat lovers know, this breed is known for their deep connection with their humans. Mr. Squeeks likes to hang with you on the couch and is curious about what you are doing. He is vocal, especially in the morning when he gets his wet food. And who wouldn’t want to be greeted after a long day’s work by their special kitty companion…yes, Mr. Squeeks will greet you at the door. If you treasure a kitty with a purr motor, yes, Mr. Squeeks will fit that bill too.

Don’t think just because he is an adult kitty that he can’t still be a play monster. He loves to play, probably longer than you do. His favorite toy is the ribbon toy and the mouse on the string. He also sleeps with you, at least part of the night, if you let him.

You may wonder – how did a sweet boy like this come into rescue? When his original owner lost her home, she could not take her animals with her and contacted our organization. Of course we couldn’t pass on such a treasure, so we took him into foster care.

Mr. Squeeks is a very sweet, loving boy. He seems to want to be the one and only feline pet in your home, because he wants all of your attention and love and would probably not be willing to share his space or your affections with another feline. With so much handsome kitty purrsonality and his ability to connect with his humans, we feel he has the right to be the King of his new home. We hope you agree.

Mr. Squeeks eats wet and dry food. He has impeccable litter box habits.

Mr. Squeeks is fostered in the Elk Grove area.

Contact Nancy at (916) 761-1929 or r send an Adoption Application. If you are unable to reach Nancy, email us at