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Born ~1/1/2015, F, Black & White Cymric Cat – Longhaired Manx

Moomers is a gorgeous green-eyed black & white Longhaired Manx also known as a Cymric Cat.
Her owners say this about Moo: “She was very shy and quiet as a kitten and has remained mostly quiet, timid, sometimes fearful and will hide if uncertain about something. Once she trusts you, she comes out, rubs on your legs, and might sit next to you or on your lap for pets. If there is a blanket on you, she might suck on the blanket, purr, and love gentle pets. When she is scared, she will cower, run, and hide. She will need time and space to recover from being upset. If not left alone, she may get defensive, growl and posture.

Moo likes to play with feather toys, spring toys and enjoys chasing little balls, looking so cute when she jumps like a bunny. It took years before she would play with us, so please be patient with her. Moo walks with a harness and leash. It took a while to train her and she grew to enjoy taking little walks in our backyard. She mostly enjoys sleeping in a nice sunny bed under a window, cool spring/fall breezes from an open window, and quietly observing you while you’re cooking from a place up high.”

Her luxurious full coat requires regular brushing 2 or 3 times per week to prevent fur mats. She has had a professional Lion Cut for summer maintenance. Moo tolerates a rotary file to trim her nails, if given treats. She is food aggressive, quickly consuming all her food. She will meow to remind you if not fed on time. An automatic cat feeder is recommended. Moomers is in good health. She had a foreign body surgery in 2019 to remove ingested string. She must be protected from string of any kind as she will chew the pull strings on blinds if you don’t keep them up, chew decorative string pillows or curtains and will get into sewing box or knitting yarn and eat it if left out!

She trusts women more than men, but once she establishes trust, will follow Dad around more than Mom. Children scare her. She does not get along with dogs or other animals. She has become very aggressive toward our other cat who is now afraid of her. Our first child is expected soon, which will add more stress for Moo.

The ideal adopter is a patient cat experienced single older, person or couple without children, who have no other pets and live within two hours away. 60 minutes is the longest Moomers can tolerate without getting car sick. Moo just needs a quiet place where she can be the beloved princess and sit in the sun all day long.

Moomers is spayed, vaccinated, FELV tested, microchipped, eats wet food, eats dry food, and is litterbox perfect. She currently lives with her owner in Roseville, California.

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