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2019, Adopted

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About Moolah

Born ~4/30/19, M, Seal Point Siamese mix

Siamese cats were one of the first breeds of Asian cat and quickly became a highly desired breed in the 19th century. The breed’s beginnings are traced back to Thailand where they were treasured by royalty due to their distinctive, beautiful appearance. They are known for their lovable nature, playful personality and intelligence. In fact, the breed is known for their “dog-like” affection. They are a cat that wants to be a part of your life and do best with companionship, so if you don’t already have a kitty in your family you may want to consider getting two, such as his littermate Dough ☺

Moolah is a happy, sweet, and fun energetic ball of love with a quirky personality. He enjoys playing with others and is more than happy to indulge you in companionship, love, and enjoyment. He loves crawling up in your lap for some sweet cuddle time as well as perching on your shoulder to see what you are up to. He is definitely the extrovert in the group and one of the first to greet you when you come in.

Moolah’s favorite toys include just about anything he can make into a toy such as paper towel rolls, paper bags, boxes, spring toys, and crinkle balls. Zip ties are a must! Moolah has spent his first few weeks in foster care and has become the perfect combination of lap cat and playmate. No one can have a bad day with this boy in their lives!

In addition to all of his perfect traits, he has a beautiful velvety short coat that is extremely easy to maintain with grooming once a week at the most. Because he is still learning to appreciate his grooming, sessions work best after playtime. His cream colors, chocolate points, and bright blue eyes are incredible! How could anyone pass on this beautiful boy!

Moolah’s foster family has all sorts of other furry creatures he gets along with, even the Border Collie Gracie, so a family with another playful and loving kitty maybe best. Moolah is not much of a talker and if he does, it is in a very soft voice. We think Moolah would flourish with an active yet stable family home with a younger playmate. A family that would love a playful and charismatic companion, who would cherish his adoring personality.

Moolah is up-to-date on his vaccinations, neutered, FeLV negative, dewormed, microchipped and uses his litter box perfectly. He has a fairly simple diet of both canned and dry food and loves the occasional treat too, though he would eat them in exchange of real food.

Moolah currently lives with his foster family in Sacramento. If you are looking for a best friend, a companion, a truly loveable and playful addition to your home and willing to give him as much love as he will provide, he would love to have you as his forever family!

For more information, email Dayna at and or fill out an adoption application and mention me, Moolah.