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2016, Adopted

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About Molly

Adopted by Taru and Nicholas

Born ~2007, Female, Black Silver Shaded Persian / Maine Coon Mix

Molly and her silver shaded brother, Willie, were Owner Surrendered to us, Their loving human bought them as tiny kittens but now can no longer care for them. The cats’ mother was a Silver Shaded Persian. You can see the Persian in Molly in her flattened face and soft silky coat. She has the great round yellow green eyes that we call “ Headlight Eyes” I have fostered other Persian/Coon mixes and they are always beautiful and seem to have the best traits of both breeds. Molly has beautiful clear eyes that never need the cleaning that Persian eyes generally do. She has a good strong nose so she has none of the breathing problems of the flatter faced Persians. She has a lush silky coat but it has less of the undercoat that makes daily grooming sessions so essential for most Persians. She does need occasional grooming and generally is ok with loving combing and brushing at home.

Molly is a bit eclipsed by her outrageous brother. He is always butting in and saying “Hello I am here too. Pet me!! ” when she is getting attention. One has to make sure she gets her fair share. She loves attention and will press her head hard, passionately, into your palm to show her pleasure. She is a little shy and accepts change with a bit more difficulty than her brother. I have just gotten these two and I have not yet been able to get many photos of this girl. It is always hard to photograph black kitties no matter how beautiful. I will have more photo’s of this gorgeous girl soon. Like her brother she is 14 plus pounds – a big and super soft girl.

Molly is also a great companion and wants to be with you and watch what you will do. In a quiet moment she would like to snooze on your lap. If you leave a glass of water she will drink out of it or try to play with your straw and possibly knock things over. She is a character and great fun as a companion.

Molly is bonded to her brother, Willie They still play and wrestle together as they did when they were kittens. They must be adopted together. No exceptions to this. As with Willie, she has lived happily around a small dog.

Molly eats wet and dry food and is litterbox perfect.

Her foster mom is Harriet in Sana Cruz.

Contact Harriet at (831) 336-2983 or if you have questions, or send an Adoption Application. If you are unable to reach Harriet, email us at