Minnie Me
Minnie Me
Minnie Me
Minnie Me
Minnie Me

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2019, Adopted

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About Minnie Me

Born 10/17/18, Female, F-3 Brown Spotted Savannah Jungle Bob Cross

Special Fee $275

Minnie Me is an adorable, loving, sweet kitten with the most beautiful spotted coat and emerald green eyes. She is very bonded with Miya (also posted on this site) and needs to go to her furever home with her. They groom each other, sleep together and play together forever. No doubt they will be double trouble together as well. She is not really a lap cat yet, but give her time because she loves to be talked to and petted at length. She is fond of feet, shoes (especially the laces) and toes. She will nibble on them and she thinks they are her personal toys. And not to be overlooked is her love of water! She enjoys dropping her little furry mice in the water and then fishing for it only to then drop it usually in the litter box. What a little imp she is! Minnie Me came by her name because she looks so much like Miya, not quite as brown and velvety but a little more light brown. Minnie Me will be adopted with Miya to a home that is familiar with her breed and has no other cats in the home. She should be fine with older cat minded children and possibly even a cat friendly dog. Minnie eats both wet and dry food.

What can you expect if you adopt Minnie Me? F3 means that one of Minnie Me’s great grandparents was a Jungle Bob. The Jungle Bob is a cross between a Jungle Cat and domestic cat, the Pixie Bob. Minnie’s other great grandparent was a Savannah, a cross of between a domestic cat and a Serval.

The Savannah-Jungle Bob Cross is not a cat for everyone or the first-time cat owner. Both breeds are known for their high energy, doglike behavior and full personality. They are affectionate and bond strongly with their owners. Being intelligent cats, they may learn to open drawers, doors, or cabinets, can be taught to fetch, to learn simple to complex commands and taught to walk on a leash. They require patience to live with, so exercise and attention is required.

If you believe that your home is the right forever home for these two beautiful Savannah Jungle Bob kittens please use the comment section in our application to share why and include information about the home you’re offering and your family, including all other pets, that would be joining.

Minnie Me will come to her new home healthy, spayed, current on vaccinations, FeLV negative and microchipped. She is litter box perfect. Only experienced cat homes will be considered for Minnie and Miya. She is fostered in Sacramento.

For more information, contact Minnie Me’s foster mom Ellen at (916) 743-8324 or email garyreason@gmail.com and send an Adoption Application.