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2018, Adopted

Additional Info

About Mia

Adopted by Eloise

Born ~ 10/20/16, F, Purebred Black Smoke Exotic Shorthair Persian

Special Fee $275

Mia is just the cutest little bug, her huge eyes look deep into your soul as she gently lifts one paw up to tap your hand to ask for some loving. She loves to play as much as she loves to cuddle. She will race around the house chasing toys or playing chase with other kitties until she exhausts herself then she will jump in your lap to sprawl out or curl up for a nice cat nap. She gets along very well with other gentle kitties and cat friendly dogs and bunnies but she is a little bit shy around new people and little people do make her nervous.

She is almost the perfect kitty but unfortunately, like many other rescue kitties, she comes with some baggage. Mia has very strange litter box habits and she needs a home that will be patient with her while she learns correct habits.

When she first arrived in foster care, she would only use the bathtub for her potty. Once a litter box with the World’s Best Cat Litter was placed in the bathtub, she did decide that was OK most of the time. We normally don’t recommend any particular brand of litter but in this case, the World’s Best is a good choice for her since it is softer on her paws and if it gets out of the box and into the tub, it is safe for sewer/septic systems so it’s OK if some goes down the drain. That said, when Mia does not have access to a bathtub, she picks a few spots and will keep using the same spot when covered with wee-wee pads. So it is a slow training process but she is learning.

For the right home, Mia will love you unconditionally and she is just so cute it’s hard to be upset with her for her accidents. She is still young and kitten-like and just wants your unconditional love in return.

Mia is fostered in Placerville, CA.

Contact: Jen at 916-217-2151 or email: jen.ppcr@gmail.com if you have questions, or send an Adoption Application. If you are unable to reach Jen by phone or email, email us at Info@purebredsplus.org.