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2013 Christmas, Special Tails

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Sometimes a bath and TLC is enough…

In the shelter his name was Maxwell. The shelter workers called him Mad Max because of his face. And what a face! It was really hard not to laugh at the poor little guy. When PPCR found out about him, I immediately wanted to foster him.

Maxwell was a complete mess. He tended to put his whole flat face in the water bowl and drip lots of water down his chin. His poor chin was inflamed and filthy. The poor guy even had a bit of green algae growing under his chin, and his hair was tinted green. Really?! To correct the situation, we bought him a bowl shaped like a beehive with a hole just in the top for his tongue. He could then drink without getting all wet. This little change made a huge impact on this boy’s quality of life. The flat face does not make eating or drinking easy for these little Himalayans

The tension in Maxwell’s face started to disappear once he was clean, dry, fed, and, of course, loved. We do not know what his life was before we got him, but his resilience to grow beyond whatever had happened was easy to see. Maxwell was a funny little character and we just wanted to spend the whole day playing with him.

We ultimately found a perfect adopter for this guy. The couple had previously adopted two older Himalayans from us. Maxwell was a perfect addition to the family. It seemed that their two 10 year old cats played the mommy and daddy role perfectly, and Maxwell was their new son.

Everyone is happy and Maxwell has relaxed and is now a happy little boy, loved and spoiled.