Matthew (Mattie)
Matthew (Mattie)
Matthew (Mattie)
Matthew (Mattie)

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2020, Adopted

Additional Info

About Matthew (Mattie)

Adopted by Lara and Scott

Mattie has always been a very loved kitty. His mom is now in hospice and he has been with a relative for the last few weeks. That family adores him and wishes they could keep him, but they already have 7 pets of their own.  They describe him as an incredibly loving cat to people, other cats and cat friendly dogs.  He adored their youngest Chihuahua and would play and sleep with him often. He was also great with their Doberman and their cat.

Mattie likes to be near his people. He will sit behind you on the back of the sofa or right beside you. He will follow you around to make sure you are close by.  He has very adorable habits. He eats his wet food with his paw and cleans it completely. He also loves watching TV and tries to hit the moving characters on the screen. He gives you hugs when you hold him and loves kisses on the face.

Mattie has been thoroughly checked over by a vet and has been prescribed special food for the remainder of his life. He has some crystals and this food will help dissolve them so he wont have any problems in the future. Otherwise, he is a healthy young guy. Are you the one to add this adorable, sweet boy to your home? He is a very special treasure.

Mattie is fostered in the Sacramento area. He is neutered, vaccinated, tested and microchipped. He is litterbox perfect.  

For more information please call Laurie at (916)799-2040 or email her at