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2019, Adopted

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About Mateo

Born ~2016, M, Silver Chinchilla Persian

Mateo is a true CONSTANT companion and quite stunning with his soft-as-silk fur and big seafoam green eyes. He wants to be involved with everything that you do. He will inspect the cupboards, drawers, and even the dryer (so always look before you close!). He is extremely curious about everything that his humans are doing and would prefer that you never left the house but if you have to, you can be sure that he will be at the door waiting for you to return, greeting you with soft meows and gentle purrs. He craves human interaction and gets lonely, so retired or work-from-home would be an ideal situation for him.

Mateo is not a lap cat, but he will lay next to you unless you have food. In that case, he will do anything and everything to get in your plate! And if there is a tiny bit of milk in a cup he will find a way to get to it!

He loves to lay in a sunny window and relax but he is also still quite the kitten and loves playtime. His favorites are catnip carrots and feather stick toys so he can show off his predatory skills. He very much enjoys pets and head/cheek scratches, he will roll over and show his belly but it’s not for touching — only look!

When he doesn’t like something he will let you know. He’s quite feisty for his size so he would do best in a home with older gentle children rather than young toddlers. He does great with my 5-year-old daughter as she knows to respect his boundaries, but my 3-year-old has a few battle wounds. Mateo has what some would say the “silver attitude.” He knows he is gorgeous and you are lucky to be in his presence.

Mateo is an escape artist, and any chance he gets he is trying to sneak out the door. A home with a secure, enclosed catio would be perfect for him to enjoy the sunshine. He does well with other gentle cats that respect his space. He does like a good game of chase with other cats but doesn’t care much for contact sports. Mateo as with all Persians will require daily grooming, especially his eyes. He is currently growing out a shave.

Mateo is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, ready and looking for his forever home. Are you the one?

He is fostered in the Eugene, Oregon area.

Contact Bonnie at 916-801-0912, email, or complete an adoption application and mention Mateo.