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2018, Adopted

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About Maisie

Adopted by Chris

10-12 Year Old, F, Seal Point Siamese

Maisie is strongly bonded to the humans in her life, and it’s important to always be near her people.

She wants to know what you are doing, and she likes to be near you much of the time. When you are on the couch or in bed, Maisie will come and join you. She will hang out in the same room with you if you’re working at home.

Maisie is also intelligent. She quickly learns the daily routines. When someone gets up to do something, she’ll run ahead expecting where you will go. She lets you know when it’s time to feed her, and she will “herd” you when it’s time for bed. Usually she will come when called.

Most importantly — Maisie is sure that she is a little person. She has her own opinions about everything, and a strong Siamese personality. She expects you to recognize her mood, and treat her with respect.

Sometimes she wants affection and to be picked up, and other times she just wants to sit in a spot and watch you from afar. If she can find a sunny spot to lie in the morning, she will enjoy some “alone time” and ignore you completely for a while.

Maisie is vocal, she will call out or cry when she need something. She purrs loudly when she is in a good mood and will grumble and growl if she’s not happy about something.

Overall, Maisie’s behavior is good. We have not had much issue with scratching (other than her carpet scratcher) or climbing on counters. She eats moist food and uses her litter box perfectly. She loves “Greenies” treats and, if invited, will jump onto the bed or chair you
pat for them readily.

What is Maisie’s story? Maisie was rescued, skinny and hungry, by a family that had been feeding her and recognized that she was friendly and desperate for human attention.

We believe Maisie was someone’s well-cared for pet up until the time she was abandoned last year. Her owner may have become ill and was no longer able to keep her, or was forced to leave her behind.

After some tough times, Maisie is very happy to be here today, and to have a human family again.

Maisie’s ideal forever home will be with an adopter who enjoys watching this complex, independent little character simply be herself as she goes through her day.



Maisie is currently residing in Sunnyvale in the South Bay area. Contact John at 408-813-6320 or email if you have questions, or send an Adoption Application. If you are unable to reach John, email us at