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2022 Holiday Rescues, Special Tails

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  • Horrible Situation...

About Lily

Horrible Situation…

We like to think there is some good in everyone, but every now and then we are reminded how horrible some people can be.  The cat was crying constantly and would not stop crying! The owners grabbed the kitty by the scruff, slapped her around and then threw her in a ravine near their home.  If that wasn’t enough, they then shot her with a BB gun! They then called us to come and get her and if we did not get her NOW, they would euthanize her! What had this cat done?  We hurried to get this little girl.

We found out more and discovered, once again, we just do not understand some people. Lily is a part Bengal female, about 1 ½ years old. The owners were trying to breed her. She had her second litter of kittens and they took the six-week-old babies away from her.  This little girl was crying because she wanted her babies back!  We grabbed the little girl, had them sign a release, and left as quickly as possible.

We called her Lily the Pretty Face. She was in terrible physical shape and could barely walk. The saddest part was she was so heart broken she would not eat or drink for days. She did cry and seemed to not want to live anymore.

We could not give up on this special little girl!  We got her the needed medical care to get her body on the mend. We then poured love, patience and kindness on this girl round the clock. Within a week this little girl had bonded with her foster Mom. She would greet her at the door with a soft meow to welcome her home and then rub against her legs and literally beg to be picked up. As you can probably guess the foster Mom fell in love with this girl and could not give her up. Lily is content, happy in her forever home with her rescuer.

Lily emerged from this deplorable situation as a happy, loving kitty, ready to trust human beings again despite the dramatic cruelty she experienced. In this case, as in so many others that we see in rescue, there is much that kitties can teach us about resilience, love, and faith. And how, given the right circumstances, they can rebound from the most unimaginable situations.