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2019, Adopted

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About Lily

Born ~ 2007, F, Calico Persian

I came into foster care because I was supposedly beating up other kitties? Me? I don’t think so—as long as the other kitties are laid back I am fine. I was having tummy aches and some litter box issues though. Regardless, my owner was keeping me outside and it was just a bad situation for me.

I was lucky that PPCR found out about me and took me in. I am a sweet girl and I do like attention and pets! Even my foster Mom thinks I’m sweet so I’m not just saying that!

So what’s my real issue? Once PPCR got me they were able to figure out what my problem was. I have irritable bowel disease. I am now on a special diet and feeling much better. I also got a special medicine to help firm up my stool. This bowel thing has been terrible! I have to admit I have a litter box issue, sometimes I don’t get my butt all the way in the box and have been known to go potty and sometimes poop over the edge of the box. Not sure why I do this…just a bad habit I guess. My foster mom just keeps a wee wee pad under the litter box to catch my mistakes and all is well. When all is said and done… between IBD and being thrown outside, life has been a struggle. I felt so unloved and just did not know what to do.

I really am doing so much better now. I do like it here and love my foster Mom, but it’s not quite the same as having my very own person to love me. She does have other foster kitties. I sometimes wonder if I deserve to have someone I can call my own…I have to hope and dream someday that it could come true.

Lily was featured in our “Hidden Stars” last Christmas and she is still looking for her own furrever home. She is very loving and absolutely adores belly rubs. She will stretch out all four legs as far as they will go to maximize the amount of belly that can be rubbed. She is also very fond of the little Papillion here too and will pounce on her and then lick her all over, so cute! She also relishes playing and helping make the bed, she dives into the covers and just has a blast! She has been doing so much better on her prescription food of Science Diet ID and has been much better about getting her butt all the way in the box!

Lily is fostered in Placerville, CA.

If you would like more information, please contact foster mom, Jen, at 916-217-2151 or email: or send in an Adoption Application with your chosen kitten’s name. If you are unable to reach Jen, email us at