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2017, Adopted

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About Lilianna

Adopted by Meika & Serge

Born April 2, 2014, F, Lilac-Cream Point Persian

Special Adoption Fee $275

Here are some first photos of the adorable Lilianna. This Cat Fancy Association (CFA) registered girl was taken to a shelter because she had been diagnosed with ringworm. Shelters do not accept ringworm kitties into their building for fear of having this skin fungus spread. It was 5:00 pm on a Sunday afternoon and the owner, not willing to keep this kitty who she had just purchased two months previously, signed the shelter form requesting immediate euthanasia.

It was a case of my being in the right place at the right time. I was home near my phone. Knowing I loved Persians the shelter called to see if I would take her. Immediately. Sight unseen I said yes and the shelter manager dropped her off a few minutes later on her way home.

It was shocking when I met her. She was a mess but so beautiful. What a total vulnerable little darling she is!! Persians are little treasures who must be protected and kept safe and loved constantly. All these kitties really know much about is loving humans. That is generally all they want. A human to cuddle with. A human to flatter them. I have a Persian and a Himalayan myself and I touch them with all gentleness. This little girl is a good-natured, patient, staunch darling.

Ringworm is not painful. It does not kill the cat. It is a nuisance because it can spread and it is a slow miserable process – a matter of about two months – to get a cat with a real case of it, over it. The poor isolated kitty has to wait without much attention and petting till it is free of the fungus. We started treating her right away dipping her in bright yellow smelly lime dip. Really saturating her fur down to the skin. Twice a week. That is fun for neither human nor cat. She was put on the right medication. Test plates were taken over and over to see if the fungus could still grow.

She didn’t understand what on earth we were doing but she put up with us with her big heart. She is a very nice girl. Today she was declared done, three perfect negative test plates. Yaaay!!! We never did see bare spots on her but we tracked down the vet who provided the medication and that vet said yes she did have ringworm. Well she doesn’t have it any more.

Now we have to comb out her fur and fluff her up. I combed her head for these quick photos and you can see the fluff there. The rest of her body needs to be combed out. (Remember the saying: How do you make a matt on a cat? Just add water!”) She is a beauty and how much fun it will be to play beauty parlor with her and set her up for better photos. She is patient and sort of likes anything that can be called attention, including brushing. She loves being loved. She will give you her heart.

More about her soon.

Lilianna eats wet and dry food and is litterbox perfect.

For information please contact or call 707-301-7377.