Lilianna aka Lili
Lilianna aka Lili
Lilianna aka Lili
Lilianna aka Lili

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2019, Adopted

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About Lilianna aka Lili

Born ~2015 F, Brown Bicolor Ragdoll

At first we named this little girl “Ilium”, the medical word for the part of her pelvis that was fractured. The ilium is a broad surface of bone on the right and left side of the pelvis. Her left rear flank nearby had a large area abraded and scabbed over. She was probably hit by a car. Lili has a microchip but when the shelter called her owners they neither responded nor came for her. They themselves were probably the people who had dropped her at the shelter. The shelter had to find someone in rescue who would give her the time to heal, 8 weeks and who would stand behind her and get her expensive surgery to implant a pin if her bone didn’t knit together. They emailed us “Could we take her?” We said yes. We are an experienced rescue and our supporter’s donations give us the courage to take on kitties like this one.

And guess what? Lili did a good job of healing on her own. Her left rear leg is a little out of line but she walks freely and well. That is the good news. Unfortunately cage rest was a long, miserable time for her. Ragdolls, as I often say, are emotional cats and they do not take change easily or well. This little hard luck’s child not only suffered a grievous injury but she also lost her home over it. Two reasons for distress. She also risked euthanasia in the shelter; most shelters would have put her down right away. In foster with us , she sat in her teepee with big round eyes, stricken and sad, for a couple months. I looked at her and thought “My goodness she is the cutest little thing ! Why hasn’t she been a treasured, protected little kitty?”

Right after I got her I wrote: “It feels like she has had a hard life with not much kindness. She will ultimately be very connected to her human, a grateful girl. Learning she can relax, trusting her family.”

After a couple months of watching us, as opposed to wanting to interact with us, she has now opened up. Maybe she is finally out of pain. Maybe she has learned that we do not hurt her. A volunteer “cat cuddler” who visits just to pet our foster kitties had fun with Lili this week as Lili wound round and round her legs, purring and being very loving. This little girl will need one, two, three, six months of a loving , sensitive home before she really believes this is her new life. Do you have the patience to nurture her? How happy and grateful she will be and she blossoms.

We don’t know much about her past. She is ear tipped so someone used the inexpensive option to get her spayed or a rescue did and put her up for adoption. She is microchipped but no one returned a message. Had her family moved and given her away? Did they bring her to the shelter to be put down since her condition frightened them? We don’t know but it is unlikely she had a good, loving home – that much we can guess. Lili should be cherished and kissed daily.

So now things will change for her. She needs to be kept inside only, of course. I don’t really know how she is with other cats – she has had to be separate in her time with us. I would guess she would like to be an only cat and an only pet. That would be the easiest for her but maybe that can change. Lilianna is just a tiny little thing, short from nose to tail, only 7 pounds covered with soft hair. She has such a wonderful pink nose to go with her blue, blue Ragdoll eyes.

If her family can give her a safe quiet home in which to continue recovering socially she will be the best little companion. They will be so lucky. The vets have checked the xrays of her hip and it is all healed and needs no medical care. She has occasionally licked at the spot on her flank that was scrapped but that behavior is ending.

Lili eats wet and dry food and is litterbox perfect.

Her foster mom is Harriet in Santa Cruz.

If you are interested in this kitty you can contact Harriet by email at Please include at least your name, location, the name of this kitty and phone contact info. Harriet will get back to you as soon as she can. It you are seriously interested in this kitty it s a good idea to fill out an adoption application. If you are unable to reach Harriet , email us at

NOTE: We prefer families with children bring them to the adoption appointment. Why? This allows interaction between the children and the cat. This helps ensure they will be a good fit for each other. A mismatch between a child and a cat is not in anyone’s best interest!