Status / Details

2018, Adopted

Additional Info

About Leyla

Adopted by Megan

Born 2015, F, Silver Tabby American Shorthair/Exotic Mix

Special Fee $275

Leyla is a 2-year-old purebred Silver Tabby American Shorthair/Exotic Mix. She is a small girl in stunning black/grey with a ringed tail. If you brush her in reverse her coat is absolutely white. She has the small head of her exotic parentage and very large green gold eyes. And did I say ‘soft’? Please, do not forget…very soft fur.

Leyla is a shy, gentle, loving spirit. Other kitties with big energy or personality will overwhelm her. She is learning what it means to be held and cuddled and she likes it! She has already mastered kitty kisses, receiving lots of pets and sleeping on your pillow. She wants to be with you, give kitty kisses and be held. But she has not mastered ‘being on your lap’. Oh, that is coming….be certain, that is coming. She loves her humans and she loves to play with any toys or strings that you may offer. Her other favorite thing is her kitty tower. She wants to be at the top and watch the birds and squirrels. You can hear her chirp and trill as she talks with them. It makes you smile to watch.

Leyla will be happier if she can be an only cat. If she is around other cats she will not defend herself if the other cats are dominant. She expects gentleness and kindness because that is what she gives.

When she first comes to your home she will probably hide for a while but will be coaxed out with soft words and a gentle hand. Please be prepared to give her time. We do not know how she will be around dogs. She will do well around respectful small children.

For more information about this lovely girl, please contact her foster family: Lee and Eric Kempter at 925-934-3199 or Lee@Oceanbluff.com and submit an Adoption Application.