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2017, Adopted

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  • Courtesy Post

About Leonard

Adopted by Christina

Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue is helping facilitate the adoption of this cat. We take no responsibility for the health and medical records of this cat. It is the responsibility of the owner and adopter to discuss this. Leonard is not in a Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue foster home but residing with his caretaker in Rohnert Park, CA. Find out more about Courtesy Post Cats here.

~ 3 years old, Male, Buff Maine Coon Mix

Here is what we know about this magnificent boy. He was brought into the shelter as a stray. Shortly after we posted him for the shelter, he was picked up by a wonderful lady who thought he would be a great companion to her kitty boy. However, her kitty boy is a special needs cat and is feeling overwhelmed by Leonard.

So now we have a bit more understanding about Leonard. We still have no idea why he found his way into the shelter and why he was unaltered. He is so stunning that we suspect he may have been a stud, but who knows?

His caretaker simply states that he is an amazing cat and under different circumstances she would keep him forever.

Leonard is a kitty who needs play time and human interaction. He likes to sit on laps or lean against you, and loves to have his head and cheeks scratched, which he can take almost any amount of. He likely needs someone who is adept at reading cat language, or can learn it, and can recognize when Leonard might become overstimulated, which his caretaker has noticed sometimes happens when he is brushed or petted along his back or sides.

He is a strong and powerful kitty so small children are really not a good fit, especially if they are too young to recognize when it’s time to stop petting. His caretaker says he loves his feather wands and his cat tree, and that his manners are excellent.

Oh and yes, he likes to eat, for sure!

In the shelter he was in the colony room where he was fine with other cats. He met a small dog and didn’t seem to be flustered by meeting a canine.

This awesome looking boy is approx. 18 lbs. He had a complete vet check, has been neutered, chipped and vaccinated. He is healthy, and is FELV and FIV negative.

Please do provide him with a big litter box so he can fit his strapping body into it with ease.

If you would like more information about this stunning boy, please contact Frauke at 925-784-8244 or loveallcats7@gmail.com or send an Adoption Application.

Please note that Leonard is not in a Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue foster home but residing with his caretaker in Rohnert Park, CA while being placed in his new home.