Leo & Lucas
Leo & Lucas
Leo & Lucas
Leo & Lucas
Leo & Lucas
Leo & Lucas

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2020, Adopted

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  • Owner Placement

About Leo & Lucas

Leo  Born 2005,  M,  Seal Point Siamese

Lucas Born 2006,  M,  Blue Lynx Point Siamese 

Adoption Fee $300 for Pair

Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue is helping facilitate the adoption of these cats.  We take no responsibility for their health and medical records.  It is the responsibility of the owner and adopter to discuss this.  Leo & Lucas are not in a Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue foster home, but reside with their current owner in Santa Rosa, CA. Find out more about Courtesy Posts Cats here.  

These two beautiful purebred pedigreed Siamese boys are related Uncle and Nephew, bonded and must be adopted together. They have been together since Lucas was 4 months old.  They will not be separated. No exceptions. 

Leo & Lucas’s owner,  who regretfully needs to re-home these lovely boys, says this about them: 

“Leo and Lucas are from Elorac Cattery in Tabernacle, NJ.    I’ve had both of them since each was 4 months old. They spend most of the day sleeping and are more active at night; that’s usually when they’ll tussle and play with each other (neither is especially dominant). 

Both cats are highly sociable, especially Leo who loves being the center of attention. Lucas is relatively more skittish, but once he gets to know someone he’ll happily crawl on their lap. I’ve handled both extensively since they were kittens, so they’re fine with children/being manhandled/having their claws trimmed/etc.  Leo loves to be held like a baby; Lucas tolerates it. Both cats crave physical contact, especially Leo who absolutely has to be on top of you if you’re on the couch/bed/etc. 

They’re also good with dogs and lived for over ten years with our Carolina dog Buddy who sadly passed away last year.  I’m not sure if they’d be good with other cats.” 

Lucas is the more cautious of the two, affectionate and loving.  Leo is higher energy, very loving, craves affection and interaction with his people.  He will pace and vocalize until he gets your attention or is settled down next to you or on your lap.   Leo & Lucas are in pretty good health for their ages.   Leo is partially blind in his left eye caused by a chronic herpes infection, he functions just fine though. He has had multiple teeth removed due to hereditary gum disease.  Lucas has an occasional cough/congestion.  They are current on feline vaccinations, due for rabies (which owner will take care of)  and have had regular check ups.   Vet records are available for review to qualified applicants.

The perfect home for Leo and Lucas would be indoors where a person is home most of the time, let them be the lap cats they need to be, and let the cats sleep next to them on their bed.  They love to lie in the sun, so a cat safe fenced outdoor area with personal supervision would be a bonus for them.   The perfect home would also be with people who are familiar with Siamese or a similarly vocal breed and know what to expect with these talkative conversationalists. They have opinions and will let you know all about them!  Leo and Lucas have been fine with a dog and children.  They are not friendly toward other cats.  They need to be the only cats in their new home. 

For love of the Siamese breed are you the perfect match to love, talk and cuddle with these exquisite mature boys?  

Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue is dedicated to matching Leo & Lucas to the home and people that will cherish them for the beautiful, sociable, loving, cuddle buddies they are. Please note that shipping is not an option, approved adopter will need to personally pick them up.   If you believe you are the perfect adopter for Leo & Lucas,  please fill out our Adoption Application and contact our volunteer Owner Placement Program Coordinator at  cheemers@gmail.com or call/text at 541-290-8408.

Please note that Leo & Lucas are not in a Purebreds Plus Cat Rescue foster home and reside with their owner in Santa Rosa, CA